Nicholas D. Kristof, writing in the New York Times op-ed page, initially seems to be a strong critic of Islam – until he goes into an exercise in the propaganda of moral equivalence. He writes:

  • “The Islamic world represses women, spawns terrorism, is prone to war, resists democracy …”

  • “In speaking to Arab friends, I’ve reproached them for virulent anti-Semitism in their societies.”

Having so conceded, he then tries a moral equivalence, which is neither equivalent nor moral: “It’s a cheap shot for us to scold Arabs for acquiescing in religious hatred unless we try vigorously to uproot our own religious bigotry.”

And where does he find such alleged religious bigotry?

You guessed it! “Since 9-11, appalling hate speech about Islam has circulated on talk radio and the Internet.” (Which are the only two parts of American media not dominated – like the New York Times – by the Democrat left wing.)

Apparently, anyone who criticizes Islam is regarded by Mr. Kristof as the successor to anti-Semitic Father Coughlin, Michigan’s nationally syndicated radio priest of 70 years ago. It can be wondered if Mr. Kristof has listened to any extent to Arab broadcasting, including sermons from mosques. For Coughlin, despite all his anti-Semitism, was in the minor leagues compared to today’s worldwide Muslim Jew-baiting. And Father Coughlin never glorified or subsidized suicide bombers.

For example, Kristof cites leading conservatives Paul Weyrich and William Lind’s booklet, “Why Islam is a Threat to America and the West,” where Lind writes: “They should be encouraged to leave. They are a 5th column in this country.”

Is this entirely wrong? Or does Kristof know of any majority of American mosques who have publicly condemned the all-Muslim mass murderers of 9-11, or the all-Islamic suicide bombings of Israeli civilians?

Mr. Kristof also denounces the Rev. Franklin Graham (Billy’s son) for saying: “I believe it’s a very evil religion,” when Kristof opened his column by noting Islamic “repression of women, spawning terrorism, resisting democracy and virulent anti-Semitism.”

Kristof also lashes the Rev. Jerry Vines, past president of the 16 million-member Southern Baptist Convention, for calling Muhammad “A demon-possessed pedophile.” (This despite the Hagith’s centuries old report that Muhammad himself thought himself demon-possessed – and his 6-year-old bride, Aisha, with whom he consummated their marriage when she was 9-years old.)

Actual Islamic history of this consummation with a 9-year old is deemed “the pedophile slur” by Kristof of the New York Times.

Kristof then goes on to write: “One problem this prejudice (as with Osama bin Laden’s) is that it blinds the bigots to any understanding of what they write.” (And what for Kristof is a comparison of the expressed beliefs of talk radio, the Internet and several Christian clergy – to the beliefs of Osama bin Laden!)

This astounding comparison very much resembles Lord Haw Haw trying on Radio Berlin to convince the world that Winston Churchill was really a warmonger for announcing that Britain would fight on the beaches and elsewhere.

Mr. Kristof also affirms that the New Testament embraces slavery: “Slaves obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling.” But the Epistle to Philemon goes on to direct Christian slave owners to treat their slaves like brothers – which Kristof fails to mention. Nor does he mention the Christian leadership of Member of Parliament William Wilburforce and medical missionary David Livingston in fighting the slave trade – while Muslims in Mauritania and Sudan still, today, own hundreds of thousands of black slaves.

Why didn’t Kristof mention any of this? And why, for that matter, did the New York Times publish such a scurrilously anti-Christian piece of pro-Muslim propaganda?

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