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China attacks WorldNetDaily by name

The U.S. news media are painting a sinister picture of the threat posed by China, says Beijing – mentioning “most famous WorldNetDaily” by name as the major culprit in a report in the Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao and later distributed by the BBC.

The English-language report noted that the sale by the U.S. to Taiwan of 200 AIM-120 missiles is imminent.

“Inconceivably, turning a blind eye to the U.S. transgressing on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in an attempt to block China’s reunification these U.S. media just seize no time to go to every length to paint a sinister picture of China following their theory of ‘China threat,'” explains the report.

Also criticized was a U.S. Defense Department report on the “Strength of China’s Armed Forces,” which, Beijing says, foments “the new China threat racket.”

“The 13 July saw U.S. most famous ‘WorldNetDaily’ released its red banner headline coverage: ‘China’s Object’: Sink U.S. Aircraft Carriers,” the China report continued. “Meanwhile, it saw to it that a questionnaire be put out to make a further fuss about ‘China threat’ in the way 92 percent of the responses online regard China as a threat to the U.S. ‘WorldNetDaily’ as ‘Washington Post’ has all along been known for their ‘rightist,’ ‘conservative’ and ‘anti-China’ stand. So for their anti-China stand the two are by no means isolated or just few, for they find AP and Reuter, Washington Times, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, USA Today also in their company having much ado about the theory of ‘China threat.'”

The Chinese newspaper report suggests Beijing is doing some serious U.S. media watching: “Things seem to have been treated in an objective and just manner on the part of those anti-China media when you just look at the headlines and the way of their coverage superficially. But by their contents and between the lines of their news coverage you’ll find their conjectured ‘China threat’ and their ‘direct threats’ from China to the U.S., being conveyed most cunningly by the mouth of others. We must point it out that these reports have been released in the way no ordinary readers would find it easy to see through underlying prejudices and their hidden political leanings as the handiwork of top-notch editorship.”

China apparently finds some media friends in the United Kingdom.

“This is as has been aptly put by a senior news expert with a mainstream new medium in the UK: News reports by mainstream media in the U.S. seem to have been fairly treated but things are just not so much as desired,” explained the Chinese newspaper report. “Take for example, you just can’t go deep or make an analytic study into their reports on Israeli slaughter in Palestine’s Jenin refuge camp and these had made no exception with news coverage of AP, Reuter, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and UK’s The Independent, amongst others.”

The China report concludes: “The Western media used to swing from one extreme to another extreme when going in deals lashing out at China as received. It would be meant the greatest risk when the slightest pro-China striving should be revealed. ‘China threat’ has been created in many forms. The various ‘threats’ rampage in the West such as China closing Net bars ‘brings threat to democracy and liberty,’ China buying submarines from Russia ‘poses threat to the whole of the world’ and China missile tests ‘forms threat to the whole international community.’ With these are also China’s AIDS ‘constitute threat to the whole humankind’ and an ancient fish species from China has even formed threat to the U.S. On Yahoo, access to ‘China threat’, in a few seconds, one will find hundreds of news items on the theory of ‘China threat’ and a whelming majority of these have been dished up during a recent time and by those of mainstream media in the U.S.”