I am a self-styled progressive collegiate activist who was born in Damascus, Syria, at the height of the Cold War. It was a time where many non-intellectuals on the Left – in a delusional state of schizophrenic agitation – were prophesying the inevitable victory of the inherently superior evil empire.

They were wrong then, but a new evil is vastly proliferating within our nation’s universities – and it is infinitely more dangerous, for it is unseen and largely ignored. Fifth columnists have securely entrenched themselves within American academia and continue to lie dormant within an institution that is now quickly becoming a vast breeding ground for the hate-America Leftist agenda that has for the past five decades laid the intellectual groundwork for the cynical apologists to the murderers who carried out the World Trade Center attacks.

My family immigrated to this great nation when I was 7 – and in search for a better life, opportunity and liberty we (ironically) moved to Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Even at the tender age of 7, I could already sense the sweet aroma of a free society. Yet even when compared with the seemingly over-simplistic insight of a child, most on the Left will never come to truly understand the beauty that I saw in this great country.

The fact of the matter is that America is the last hope for humanity; indeed, it is, I believe, the only hope. So naturally, whenever the standard we-are-victims-because-we-are-[insert your ethnicity here]-so-we-wear-Che Guevara-T-shirts campus political movement rears its ugly head in my university, I can but wonder how well many of those suburbanite socialists would thrive in the Stalinist jails of our family’s mother country.

We must ask ourselves: Do the Leftists who hate this country – and it goes without saying that they all do hate this country – know what true oppression is? (Contrary to the common popular Leftist line of thinking, oppression is not when Starbucks forgets to use skim milk in your order of cappuccino.)

We must come to understand that Leftism as an ideology is boring – it is unoriginal and merely rooted in some deep animosity nurtured by wannabe radicals that apparently weren’t breast fed so now they want to put one more “S” in USA.

Fine, ha ha, we’ve had our laughs. Yes, we know America is evil. Yes, we know that fur is murder and that abortion is not, and of course, we are well aware that President Bush is a greedy oil tycoon who wants to steal from the poor and orphan little Hispanic children … BORING!

However, what I certainly do not find humorous is when the Left, like sleazy salesmen, bamboozles and hoodwinks new generations of Americans in buying into their morally and intellectually bankrupt reactionary politics.

Now, it seems, Leftists have set their target on a new burgeoning demographic: Americans of Arab descent. At first glance it would seem that such a population, with its deep seated traditional values and family structure, would be a poor choice for the Left to assimilate into its we-are-all-victims collective.

However, it appears modern Leftists are foaming at the mouth at the opportunity of disenfranchising yet another recently arrived population from mainstream America. For example, take the United Arab Student Association whose constitution states that one of their goals is to “cooperate with all progressive groups on campuses … and in the community. …”

Recent Arab Student Association activities in Berkeley, Michigan, San Francisco and Brown universities leave little room to doubt just what their definition of who the “progressives” truly are.

First-generation Americans of Arab descent must understand that left of center groups do not hold a moral monopoly to the answer of humanity’s ever-eluding question on just what path leads to the proverbial pot of gold ambiguously referred to as “social justice.”

For instance, the UASA explicitly states in its mission statement that the organization’s operational policies are based primarily on the political tenets of the Arab League. This policy eerily mirrors that of the socialist and communist parties’ own policy of taking their marching orders from the Kremlin’s Comintern.

Not a single Arab country is open and free. Almost all are guilty of heinous civil-rights abuses. It’s time to pay the piper. American Arabs take the risk of alienating and segregating themselves from the rest of mainstream America by taking a cue straight out of the Leftist playbook and ignoring inconvenient injustices that do not conform to their self-image of moral superiority.

To all the young American Arab students, I say this to you: Reject the Left, embrace America, embrace all that which has given so much to yourselves and your family, embrace the very essence of what it means to be free.

We indeed do live in a tolerant and (some would say overly so) generous nation. It is for these very reasons that we are free to live our lives devoid of the oppressive tyranny that my parents suffered.

I will admit that I was indeed a victim of a particularly heinous hate-crime. You see, I am a proud American, and on that September morning the greatest hate crime of our generation was perpetrated on the American people, and every American that day felt the shockwave of those towers collapsing.

We are one, for in this nation lies the fate of humanity’s last stand against the forces of unfathomable cruelty – as the innocent victims of terrorism not only in this country but worldwide can personally attest to.

It is time for a new course to be charted for Americans of Arab descent, a course that must lead into the sanctity of acceptance rather than the abyss of rejection by the only nation that has ever afforded Arabs, at the very least, some semblance of liberty.


Oubai Shahbandar is a writer and student at Arizona State University.

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