Citizens Against Government Waste, headquartered in Washington, D.C., has called attention to Vermont’s independent U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords’ National Historic Barn Preservation Act, to provide $25 million to preserve barns.

They note this is similar to a Vermont state program where the state is currently providing $100,000 to 19 farms.

Sen. Jeffords’ Press Secretary Diane Derby explained:

“The $25 million is for historic barns nationwide, over a five-year period, but even though this was included in the $190 billion farm bill just passed, there is no specific funding, and each barn preservation amount would have to be passed by appropriations to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

“What constitutes an historic barn,” I asked.

“Any barn that is over 50 years old. Vermont has 30,000 of such historic barns. And Sen. Jeffords wants to do all he can to help farmers with this basic piece of farming equipment.”

So I asked: “What about Vermont’s historic factories? Aren’t there any factories in Vermont that are 50 years old and which have provided employment and produced goods like farms do?”

“I don’t know”, she replied.

So I asked: “Doesn’t Burlington have any places of business or manufacture that are older than 1952?”

“The senator’s bill is for historic barns, not factories,” she emphasized.

This means that historic Vermont radio stations WNBX in Springfield, which is 67 years old, and WVMT Burlington, which observed its 80th anniversary – and which honor me by broadcasting my daily commentaries and my weekly appearances – will have no Sen. Jeffords National Historic Radio Station Preservation Act.

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