After the attacks in September, Al Gore stood behind the president just like every other liberal Democrat politician, complimenting and encouraging President Bush. I guess the events of that day have all but faded in Gore’s mind.

About a week ago, a Washington Post-ABC News poll was released that found that 64 percent of registered Democrats would like to see Al Gore run for the White House again in 2004.

This news may be what has caused Gore to become active again in the politics of America, blasting his possible future presidential opponent.

Whatever has caused it, in the past week, the former vice president and presidential wannabe has been blasting away at the Bush administration over – what else – the state of the economy and the big-business scandals.

Additionally, in a recent speech on the 20th, Gore blasted Bush over the economy, while complimenting himself and the prior administration, saying, “I don’t care what anybody says. I think Bill Clinton and I did a … good job.”

A good job, I must ask, doing what? Bombing aspirin factories, creating the current economy, covering up numerous scandals, lying under oath, or trashing White House offices and leaving pornography on government computers?

Gore, blasting Bush on corporate scandals, said, “The recent spate of corporate corruption cases reflects the administration’s policies and its appointees, who are supposed to police big business.”

I hardly know where to start on this. First, the corporate fraud and scandals were in their prime during the Clinton years. Second, the effects of the fraud began only shortly after Bush was sworn in as president.

Al also gave some handy advice on the economy, saying, “The best thing they could do is completely scrap the entire economic plan and start over again from scratch. And get rid of their entire economic team and start with a brand new one tomorrow that has some common sense to get our country back on track.”

Besides being vice president in the Clinton era, the inventor of the Internet has little experience to be acting as an authority on economics and business. Gore and Clinton didn’t do much to retain the boom of the ’90s – just take a look at the Dow Jones.

His statements on the economy have shown his ignorance. He said, for instance, that the tax cut was to blame for the economic sluggishness and that it “did not happen by accident nor was it the result of 9-11 and the attack on America … It is the natural and predicted result of the economic policy that the Bush-Cheney administration has been following.”

While many take this to be true, a simple rule of economics contradicts this statement. When people get money in their hands, they will spend the money on investments, products, homes, building materials, the list goes on and on. Thus, the changing of money from hand to hand spurs the economy. However, if you care more about government than the American people, then, of course, tax cuts will be looked at as a bad thing.

The Democrats are going crazy using the current state of the market to twist it for their own distorted political reasons. The left-wing crowd continues to slam, bash, insult and attack the Bush administration and conservative decisions.

Al Gore and the rest of the liberal cast can’t have it both ways. They can’t truthfully say that the economy was great under the Clinton administration but that big business failed and the economy sunk under Bush – the theory doesn’t hold water.

Reports on big-business fraud have concluded that corporations have long been posting fraudulent information. Perhaps, in reality, the economy under Clinton was a fake market with bogus value and under the Bush administration, we can see the real value of business – one more step in the right direction.

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