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They supported Hitler

And now they endorse Osama bin Laden and they want to control Jerusalem after driving the Jews into the sea.

Shortly after the bombing at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, thousands of radical Islamic Palestinians gathered in Gaza to celebrate the death and destruction of a suicide bomber at the University.

The spiritual leader of Hamas not only called for more attacks, but also stated that the only way to end the violence was for all Jews to leave Israel.

The conflict between Arabs and Jews goes back to the birth of Isaac, the son of covenant, and Ishmael, who God said would be “A wild man whose hand shall be against every man and every man’s hand against him.” (Genesis 16:12)

The descendants of Isaac and Ishmael wage war over the land God promised to Abraham. “There is no solution” wrote Israeli hero David Ben-Gurion. We want the country to be ours. They want the country to be theirs.”

The conflict between Arabs and Jews goes deeper than the dispute over the land of Israel. The conflict is theological. It is Judaism vs. Islam. Islamic theology insists that Islam triumphs over everything else. That’s why when you visit an Arabic city, the Islamic prayer tower is the highest point in the city.

The Arabs believe that Jesus, Moses, David and several other Hebrews were prophets – however, Mohammad was the greatest prophet. Though Muslims revere the Bible, they hold the Koran as the absolute true word of God revealed through the angel Gabriel to Mohammad. Muslims believe that Allah is God, that he has neither father nor mother, and that he has no sons.

The bold Arabic inscription that circumscribes the Dome of the Rock proclaims, “God has no son.”

Don’t be confused by liberal theologians that teach that Allah is just another name for the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews. Allah is the moon god, married to the sun goddess, represented by the crescent moon that is visible on every mosque throughout the Muslim world.

Nor should you think that Arabs are as tolerant about religion as most Western people. Religion is the hub of an Arab’s life. Every activity, thought, feeling or custom is regulated by the laws of Islam.

Muslims are so devout that they will not tolerate criticism of their religion. Remember Salman Rushdie?
In 1989, his novel, “The Satanic Verses,” based upon verses Mohammad supposedly received from the devil, resulted in his death sentence. The novelist was forced into hiding when the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran announced a $3 million reward to anyone who’d kill the writer.

Understand this: No matter what Islamic fundamentalists say about peace, their religion demands that they fight and kill Christians and Jews. Islam proclaims a theology of triumphalism. Simply translated, Muslims believe that it’s the will of Allah for Islam to rule the world.

Islamic law stipulates that to fulfill Mohammad’s vision for world domination, every “infidel domain” must be considered a territory of war. According to Moris Farhi, author of “The Last of Days,” Muslims believe that there can be no peace with Jews or Christians or any other non-Islamic people, and that if peace must be made, only a truce is permissible and that “for a maximum of 10 years as an expedient to hone our swords, whet our blood, and strengthen our will.” Mohammad made physical violence an invincible, yet integral, part of that faith.

Islamic theology boils down to one condition: The fundamentalist Islamics must destroy the Jews and rule Israel, or Mohammad is a false prophet and the Koran is not true. Such a thought is absolutely inconceivable!

For that reason, the fundamentalist Islamic, who represents the majority of Arabs, must attack Israel and the Jews to be loyal to their faith. The strategy of the current terrorist wave in Israel is as simple as it is satanic: Kill so many Jews that they will eventually abandon Jerusalem and the desire for a Jewish state.

The recent bombing of the Hebrew University with thousands of Islamic Palestinians dancing in the streets of Gaza was a portrait of their faith.

The war against terrorism which is spawned by radical Islamic fundamentalism in Israel must be totally defeated. Israel’s war against terrorism is America’s war against terrorism. Why? Because if the terrorists destroy the Jewish state they will feel empowered by Allah to destroy America through terrorism. Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem because the peace of America also hangs in the balance.