The Western media carries the words of Yasser Arafat that portray him as the apostle of peace. The newspapers printed in Arabic reflect the demonic anti-Semitic mind of the son of perdition.

Joseph Farah has just written a great expose on Yasser Arafat that fully explains why Israel and the United States must never again trust this international terrorist.

Last week, in an interview with a London-based Arabic newspaper, Arafat brought up a name from the past – Hajj Amin al Husseini – and referred to him as “our hero.” those of you who remember history remember that al Husseini was the grand mufti of Jerusalem during World War II.

He was an ardent supporter of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime. On March 1, 1944, al Husseini went to Berlin where he delivered a speech on the radio that was broadcast throughout the Middle East. He said: “Arabs! Rise as one and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases god, history and religion.”

You have seen on television dolls for Palestinian children that are armed for martyrdom. You see children in elementary school attending summer camps where they learn to shoot Jews and hate the Western world.

Former prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu explains the chasm between Palestinians and Jews. He said: “It is important to understand that we’re on the seam line between two very different cultures … We’re part of a Western, liberal democratic ethos, which respects political freedom and individual rights. On the other side is another culture, and there cannot be a Western-style peace because our partners are not part of the Western culture.”

Recently, when Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at Cornerstone Church, he explained there are two kinds of peace – the peace of democracies and the peace of dictatorships. The former is an automatic, self-sustaining peace. People who rule themselves don’t want to send their children to war, so there’s an internal break against aggression, evidenced by the electorate.

But dictatorships have no electorate. Dictatorships practice aggression against their own people and their neighbors. Since there is no internal break on aggression, there has to be an external break. And that can be provided only by the democracies of the world, who unite in a league of nations, such as NATO, and have the strength to enforce the peace.

Yasser Arafat, the master of deception who endorsed Hitler and supports Osama bin Laden, continues a charade with the American people that needs to be exposed and terminated. Arafat for 30 years has been an international thug and still is.

PLO school textbooks continually viciously attack the Jewish people poisoning the minds of Palestinian children. The PLO teachers guide reads, “The student should learn that racist superiority is the heart of Zionism, fascism and Nazism.”

Among the “important values” that should be taught is this: “wrath to alien theft [Israel] who obliterated the homeland and dispersed its people.”

Listen to Arafat, master of deception, and other Palestinian leaders: In May 1993, just after the signing of the first Oslo accord, Faisal Husseini told his Arab audience:

Everything you see and hear today is for tactical and strategic reasons. We have not given up the rifle. We still have armed gangs in the areas, and if we do not get our state, we will take them out of the closet and fight again.

On Nov. 15, 1998, only a few weeks after the Wye River Accord, Arafat addressed a rally in Ramallah:

Our rifles are ready and we are ready to use them again if anyone tries to prevent us from praying in holy Jerusalem … There are agreements and they better be carried out, because the generals of the stones [intifada rioters] are ready … for a hundred years we have faced this enormous global power [Zionism], and our people are still steadfast in Jerusalem.

Yasser Arafat in 1996 told a group of Arab ambassadors that the PLO had plans “to eliminate the state of Israel by making life unbearable for the Jews.”

He continued, saying:

We Palestinians will take over everything, including Jerusalem … We of the PLO will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years, we will have 6 to 7 million Arabs living in the West Bank and Jerusalem … we will import all kinds of Arabs … You understand that we plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state … I have no use for the Jews; they are and remain Jews. We now need all the help we can get from you in our battle for a united Palestine under total Arab-Muslim control.

Its time to pull the mask from the face of the master of deception. Yasser Arafat has to go before there can be any kind of peace in the Middle East.

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