The pundits and politicians in Washington, D.C., are intellectually waging war over this concept: Should America attack Iraq in a preemptive strike designed to topple Saddam Hussein from power, or wait in the comfort of complacency?

In moral fogs and spiritual twilights, it is imperative to restate the obvious in order to discover truth. Here are the obvious facts about Saddam Hussein.

First, he is the Butcher of Baghdad! He came to political power in a blood bath and has maintained political power through terrorism. He turned his weapons of mass destruction on his own people, the Kurds, killing 5,000 of them without remorse.

If he killed his own people, he will not hesitate to turn his weapons of mass destruction on the American people whom he hates.

Second, until Saddam Hussein’s regime topples, our national security will suffer an unacceptable risk. It is known by American intelligence that Saddam Hussein has chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. The associated press carried the story months ago about 300 Iraqis entering the United States at El Paso, Texas under an operation labeled “Eastern Star.”

Saddam Hussein has the weapons of mass destruction and doubtless has trained terrorist cells in America just waiting for the delivery of suitcase atomic bombs or other weapons that could kill millions of Americans. It would be a catastrophic national tragedy that would make 9-11 pale by comparison.

President Bush has clearly stated his policy for the United States: Regime change in Iraq. I applaud the president for his principled and determined leadership. He is giving America a clear moral initiative in the war against terrorism. “You are either for the terrorist or for us.” The longer America waits, the greater the danger. Saddam Hussein must go – and the sooner the better.

Third, Saddam Hussein kicked out of his country the U.N. inspectors looking for weapons of mass destruction. If he has nothing to hide, why did he kick them out?

Fourth, Saddam Hussein is a prime mover in the Middle East crisis. His government is giving $25,000 to the family of any suicide bomber who will murder Jews in Israel. Combine a theology that teaches you are going to Paradise to be received by 75 virgins and add the financial bonanza of $25,000 your family will receive from Saddam for mass murder – you now have one of the major reasons Jewish blood is flowing in the streets of Jerusalem like water. Saddam Hussein must go!

Fifth, the foundation of American society rests on the enduring values of faith in God, the sanctity of human life, the existence of right and wrong and the knowledge that we are all ultimately accountable for our actions.

From our commitment to these timeless truths flow the concepts that we define as democratic values: Free speech, a free press, free elections, the rule of law and the right to change our government peaceably. These are the foundations of freedom.

America has a solemn obligation to stand with countries that share these principles and stand against dictators and despots who oppose these principles.

This is why we stand with the people of Taiwan. Their democracy thrives on freedom and democratic values. But, just across the Taiwan Straits, a dictator regime strangles dissent, freedom and promotes a policy of forced abortion that crushes the hopes of more than a billion Chinese men and women.

American principles mean we stand with the people of Israel as they fight to find peace and security under a siege of hostility and terrorist violence. Their war against terrorism is our war against terrorism.

It is hypocritical for America to go half way around the world attacking al-Qaida and the Taliban while refusing to allow Israel to crush the terrorist cells which are killing their citizens every day. There is no difference between Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Yasser Arafat.

In his remarks at West Point, the president forged a national-security strategic doctrine for the post-Cold War era.

No longer, he asserted, could America trust the Cold War doctrines of deterrence and containment to protect us from the gathering storm.

Given the threats we face as a free society, America must preempt threats before they damage our national interest. A preemptive strike against Saddam Hussein is the key to victory over terrorism.

Much of the opposition to the preemption doctrine is nothing but a campaign to forestall action. It is driven by a congenital mistrust of American principles and a consistent hostility to American action.

These apologists for idleness would have us believe that consensus is a first principle before launching an attack. Wrong! If we can’t agree that terrorists murdering innocent civilians should be aggressively opposed, this consensus concept is nothing more than bureaucratic paralysis by analysis.

While the once great nations of Europe abdicate their responsibilities, Saddam’s quest for producing atomic weapons goes forward. His funding of international terrorism goes unchecked. Every day that passes gives him an advantage.

Make no mistake about it, America is at war and our enemies intend to destroy us.

This war has no margin for error. Unlike past wars, when we took no casualties within our borders, if Saddam Hussein is allowed to dictate the terms and conditions of this war, the front lines of the war will explode in American cities with a death toll too staggering to comprehend.

Saddam must go!

As citizens let’s support our courageous president and build a fire under our timid congressmen.

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