In a news conference three days after Beltway sniper suspects John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were caught, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan acknowledged that Muhammad was a member of the Nation Of Islam. From then on, the Nation of Islam tried to distance itself from Muhammad, declaring that it did not encourage the actions he allegedly took and that it was wrong and absurd to hold the Nation Of Islam at all culpable for the actions of one radical member.

But is there a connection between Muhammad’s murderous rampage and Louis Farrakhan?

Farrakhan and the Nation Of Islam are not blameless. The hatred that drove the Beltway snipers to kill is the same kind of hatred Farrakhan has been publicly spewing for nearly 40 years. Don’t believe me? Let’s review some of Farrakhan’s words from a recent speech – before the suspects were in custody.

Farrakhan recently spoke at Salem United Methodist Church in Harlem. Among his rants, he:

  • Called President Bush satanic and evil.

  • Claimed that blacks, especially the youth, are being set up by the U.S. government for slaughter.

  • Renewed the charge that crack cocaine was brought to the West Coast by the CIA to destroy the black community.

Keep in mind, all these outrageous comments were uttered at a Christian church! I wanted to know how a pastor could ever allow such a thing in his church, so I invited the Rev. Birchfield C.P. Aymer, Ph.D., of Salem United Methodist Church onto my nationally syndicated radio show. I asked him to explain why he allowed Farrakhan to speak at his church and if he agreed with what Farrakhan was saying. As I questioned him, he got frustrated, saying he didn’t want to talk about Farrakhan. I asked him if Louis Farrakhan was a man of love. He said yes. But, as is becoming the trend among cowardly black leaders, the reverend soon hung up on me.

The point is that Louis Farrakhan is validated by men like the Rev. Aymer. He permitted Farrakhan to speak to his Christian congregation, knowing that this is a man hostile toward Jews, whites and America. Amazingly, Farrakhan, who has called Judaism a “gutter religion” and reportedly said this past July in Baghdad that “the Muslim American people are praying to the almighty God to grant victory to Iraq [in the war],” can say these things and still be labeled by men like the Rev. Aymer as a man of love!

I said after the Million Man March that this event elevated Louis Farrakhan to a Hitler-like status. He was given validity by the media, which gave him power. This is a man who can now say anything – about Jews, whites, America – without a shred of evidence and get away with it.

How does he come to conclude that President Bush wants to get rid of blacks? That crack cocaine was created to destroy the black community? Farrakhan knows that these accusations are absurd. Yet he says them anyway, and they keep him in power at the cost of all Americans, particularly young black men.

Farrakhan’s words give angry blacks an object for their hatred. Take the New Black Panther Party, which likens President Bush to Hitler and accuses him of knowing about the 9-11 terrorist attacks in advance, but allowing them to happen to get away from the election controversy. The New Black Panthers are nothing more than Farrakhan’s wicked offspring. They carry on his desires and dreams by using the exact same methods: hateful rhetoric, wild charges, no evidence.

Let’s look at John Allen Muhammad. Farrakhan stated that Muhammad should be punished if guilty. He wants to appear righteous on this issue, but we ought to know better. The preponderance of hatred that blemishes his record speaks volumes over anything he can now say.

Though Louis Farrakhan is likely not criminally culpable in this matter, we must take close account of who Louis Farrakhan really is: a man of hatred whose message is one of subtle encouragement and sympathy toward hateful acts. Farrakhan is not blameless here, and unless we want to continue to see our country held hostage by his disciples, we must now refuse to validate him, and see him for who he is – a Hitler in the making – and repudiate him accordingly.

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