“Arafat cancels Christmas in Bethlehem.”

That was a prominent headline on all major networks and newswires – including WorldNetDaily.

It’s a real shame that terrorists from Osama bin Laden to Yasser Arafat are telling us where we can and can’t go. … But don’t worry.

You don’t have to change your plans. Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth can remain on your itinerary.

In fact, you can enjoy virtually the same experience as being there, without leaving the safety of your home.

A group of whiz kids who studied computers in the Israeli army came up with a fantastic panoramic 3D technology that permits you to visit the great sites in the Holy Land just by clicking your computer’s mouse.

They worked two years on getting the technology silky smooth, and another full year on putting together a flawless set of CDs that permit you to discover and experience the best of the Holy Land – all from the comfort and safety of your home.

To give you an idea of what these CDs can do for you, just imagine going to one of those 3D wrap-around theaters, where they take you on a spine-tingling ski trip – over cliffs and gorges. If you don’t cheat and close your eyes, you actually feel your stomach falling out. That is virtual reality at its best.

Now imagine that, plus the ability to steer your skis – and guide yourself between the pine and spruce as you hurtle down the slopes. That’s how powerful the experience is when you are touring the holy sites on a fantastic three-CD collection available nowhere else.

Not only will you be able to visit the sites without the hassle of long lines, security checks and screaming kids, you will be able to learn about each location’s historical significance. Moving around is easy and fun, because the CD has “point and walk” technology. You simply point the mouse where you want to go – up, down, all around – it is up to you. You are in complete control.

The CD is full of additional options that permit you to get up close to artifacts and study them as if you were actually visiting the location. And if you are a camera “shutterbug,” the CD has a great option that permits you to set up your own pictures – “close ups” and “distance shots” that you can save for your own use.

The experience these CDs offer is summed up best by what one customer said: “This CD made me want to book the next plane to Israel. (I have been there 11 times in the past 9 years).”

So forget about bin Laden, Arafat and all the rest. Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth are all within reach and just waiting for your visit. Aside from bringing you a wonderful CD, your purchase helps you to bless Israel by supporting the economy of the Holy Land. Given the recent precipitous drop in tourism, your purchase benefits many more than “just you,” because these CDs are made in Israel.

Until now, the CDs have been available from WND for $39.95 each, but – due to a special arrangement just inked between WND and the supplier – a limited number of CDs are available to our readers for a mere $29.95 each!

Get “Virtual Bethlehem” for only $29.95

Get “Virtual Nazareth” for only $29.95

Get “Virtual Jerusalem” for only $29.95

Get all three CDs for the bargain price of $79.95

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