For nearly six years, I have written this daily column chronicling the news of the day, the problems of our world and offering some solutions to the challenges we face as Americans.

Practically every day, during that time, readers have written to me asking for answers. They want to know what they can do to make their government accountable to them. They want to know how they can reclaim the cultural institutions that have drifted from them. They want to know how they can Take America Back.

They don’t want to be told to write to their congressman. They’ve tried that. They cannot stomach receiving any more form letters from entrenched officials serving constituencies in gerrymandered districts that serve to protect incumbency rather than foster real political competition. They are frustrated that their country is moving further and further from the principles upon which it was founded. They feel they are losing their precious birthright as self-governing American citizens.

Perhaps my biggest frustration as a daily columnist has been the inability to address this Big Issue in the context of 750-word missives.

About a year ago, I decided I would take a stab at answering those cries for help by writing a book – “Taking America Back.” That book is now set for general release throughout the nation’s bookstores in February. It will be available to WorldNetDaily readers through our online store for delivery early next month. And, this week, we began accepting “reservations” for the first copies rolling off the press.

I’ve been involved as an author or collaborator with probably a dozen books in my life. Some have been very important works. Some have been No. 1 best-sellers. Some are still having an impact on our world today. But, never before have I felt so strongly and so passionately about one of my book projects.

This one doesn’t just outline the challenges we face, it offers real solutions for every American who is conscious of what is happening to our country. It is a wake-up call. It is a battle cry. It is, I hope, a turning point.

I’m going to use every opportunity God gives me in the months ahead to make a difference, to set a new agenda, to grab Americans by the collar and shake them up. That’s the goal of “Taking America Back.”

This book is not for everyone. If you think our country is on the right track, if you think the quality of your children’s lives will be better than the quality of your own life, if you think our freedoms are expanding, this book is probably not for you.

However, if you know we are moving in the wrong direction, if you know we can do better, if you want to see individuals empowered again, this is the book for you.

In “ Taking America Back,” I lay out simple prescriptions for every American – not politicians. I believe we can still turn America around – even if the political establishment won’t. I believe there are non-violent means for rekindling the revolutionary spirit upon which our nation was founded. I believe we can Take America Back. I believe we must.

Simply voting for the lesser of two evils won’t get it done. The lesser of two evils, I have said many times in this space, is still evil. We can’t rebuild a righteous nation on a foundation of less evil. We need a moral and spiritual renewal that will re-ignite a passion for self-government.

It’s time to get Washington off your back, America. That’s the bottom line. It can be done.

Political bureaucracies don’t last forever. Just a decade ago we saw one of the most feared, powerful and evil totalitarian regimes in the history of the world crumble of its own dead weight. We don’t have to see America get worse before it gets better. We can start to make things better today or tomorrow. That’s the message of “Taking America Back.”

Does this sound exciting to you? Does this sound promising? If so, please join me in this crusade by checking out my manifesto, by spreading the word, by doing your part in “Taking America Back.”

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