In a revolutionary call to arms of sorts, a constitutional activist urges all American employees, retirees and self-employed individuals to stop paying federal income taxes and to help spread the word: “no answers, no taxes.”

“It has become necessary for the people of America to drastically change their relationship with their servant federal government by retaining and holding onto all money they would otherwise have given to the federal government,” declares Bob Schulz, founder of the constitutional education organization We The People.

Schulz maintains mass civil action is necessary because the government steadfastly refuses to respond to the people’s repeated “petitions for redress of grievances regarding substantive abuses and seizures of our constitutionally protected rights.”

As WorldNetDaily has reported, the “grievances” for which Schulz seeks redress from the federal government regard the legality of the income tax, civil-liberties abuses of the USA Patriot Act and the seizure of power under the War Powers Act and the Federal Reserve.

In November, We The People, or WTP, sponsored a rally on the National Mall called “Freedom Drive 2002,” at which it invited government officials to respond to its petitions – endorsed by
approximately 14,000 citizens and hand-delivered to President Bush and all 535 members of Congress.

The invitations were ignored.

Schulz quotes the Founding Fathers in an act of the Continental Congress in 1774 in asserting that the right of redress of grievances before taxes is deeply embedded in U.S. law.

“If money is wanted by rulers who have in any manner oppressed the people, [the people] may retain [their money] until their grievances are redressed, and thus peaceably procure relief, without trusting to despised petitions or disturbing the public tranquility,” he said.

WTP estimates at least 300,000 citizens, or one-tenth of one percent of the total population will be participating in the revolution by April 15.

To assist those heeding the call to action, WTP said it will soon make available free instructions and forms for employers, employees, retirees and the self-employed to use, as well as the services of a nonprofit legal-defense organization.

We The People Legal Defense Association, or WTP-LDA, expects to represent members of its “congress” at every stage of the process, including in negotiations with tax officials, representation in court proceedings and Internal Revenue Service administrative hearings.

Technical assistance for resistance

Schulz outlined his call to arms in a live, streaming Web-based broadcast called “The Liberty Hour,” on Jan. 7.

But as WorldNetDaily reported, the
broadcast got knocked off the Net after three minutes by unforeseen “technical problems.”

WTP describes its Internet provider, which prefers not to be named, as a nationally prominent Internet streaming firm with significant telecommunications expertise and the commercial-grade bandwidth capacity to easily handle more than the 120,000 viewers that attempted to watch the broadcast.

WTP’s Internet provider reported everything on his end to be working properly and immediately began working with his provider, Time Warner Cable, to investigate the problem. In addition, he made temporary arrangements to download the file of the broadcast and stream it on-demand using a different protocol that was limited to 1,500 simultaneous viewers.

Still, unexplained and continual “technical problems” with Time Warner Cable persisted. In the interest of protecting his own business, which was also suffering from the bandwidth interference, WTP’s provider reluctantly removed the broadcast file from his server. As soon as he did so, his full bandwidth capability was restored.

Although a Time Warner Cable spokesman stressed to WorldNetDaily that his company does not “throttle or block individual websites or portals of any content,” Schulz remains suspicious.

“The reaction to our broadcast is indicative of the fear and crisis our truths are slowly beginning to infect in the institutions of our foes,” he concluded. “It is time to regroup, reorganize and understand the power of the camera and the keyboard.”

To that end, WTP plans to implement a “multi-tiered series of tactics” to thwart any further attempts to “censor” the broadcasts. It calls on friends and supporters who own personal computers and websites to join together to form a network of broadcast outlets to distribute the on-demand, archived version of the weekly broadcasts.

WTP also seeks to recruit individuals who have dedicated servers (with at least a T-1 Internet connection) to handle the streaming broadcasts using a telecommunications strategy akin to “daisy-chaining,” which is similar to how some public radio stations utilize “repeater” transmitters in rural areas.

WTP expects this would spread the transmission of its broadcast’s digital packets across multiple geographic areas and across multiple ISP providers.

“The more personal computers and websites that are part of our network of broadcast outlets the greater the number of people who will be able to view and download the broadcast and lower the risk of anyone being able to shut us down again,” Schulz explained, estimating that this new broadcast network will be in place within two to three weeks.

Those interested in participating in WTP’s transmission infrastructure are urged to contact Schulz.

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