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'Taking America Back' released today

Officially, Joseph Farah’s “Taking America Back” is just being released today.
But thousands of books have already been sold, and hundreds of readers have e-mailed or posted comments on the TakingAmericaBack.com website forum thanking Farah for writing a bold, provocative call for, in effect, a second American revolution.

“I am hooked!” wrote Lee Ellis of California. “I bought your book, ‘Taking America Back’ and can’t put it down. It is a page-turner! As soon as I read your dedication, the introduction and chapter 1, I knew that this was a much-needed book. I wish I were a billionaire – I’d buy enough books to distribute them to all the people in the USA! … Your book has made me feel that I am not alone and that there is hope out there.”

Joe Butler of California had this to say: “I am really at a loss for words! I received ‘Taking America Back’ Thursday evening and finished the reading today. In a funny way, I was disappointed that I finished reading your book. I felt an incredibly deep-seated sense of satisfaction that not only comes when somebody else knows and relates to how one feels, but also that somebody being in a position as you are is willing to sound the call. You, my friend, are NOT lukewarm! I applaud you! … I perceive, sir, that you are indeed a man of character and integrity! Again, thank you for writing this book!”

“I’ve begun reading your book, and its message resonates within my soul, mind and spirit,” wrote Paul Chaney of Virginia. “You are one of those ‘last men.’ I hope, as a result of your book, many will rise and continue to fight. Personally, I’m in it for the long-haul.”

Mark LePard added: “I loved it. I really liked the part about morals changing with the speed of an opinion poll.”

Farah says the way to take America back is through responsible individual actions rather than through the political process.

“The political process is corrupted,” he says. “It’s unaccountable. If you want to take America back, you need to start in your own family, in your own community.

Having sound minds and bodies and putting the best interests of your own children first are huge steps.”

As of today, “Taking America Back” is available in every bookstore in America and through Amazon.com and other outlets. Farah also has established a website, TakingAmericaBack.com, where readers can exchange ideas about how to get the country back on track – “in line with the principles and ideals of the founders,” as Farah says.

The last book released by WND Books, Michael Savage’s “The Savage Nation,” still sits atop the New York Times best-seller list at No. 1.

Now you can help propel “Taking America Back” to the top of the best-seller charts, too – a great first step to taking back the country in the name of freedom, liberty and the principles of self-government established by our founders.

The purchase price has been dropped to $15.99 on WorldNetDaily’s online store. So buy one, buy two, buy five or buy 10 to share with your friends and family members. This is the book that has the potential to start a brushfire for freedom all across the fruited plain.

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