The February issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine offers a practical “action plan” that freedom-loving Americans and families can implement to regain liberty and prosperity in their own lives, and to reclaim the embattled soul of their country at the same time.

What’s more, in an unprecedented promotion marking the release of WorldNetDaily CEO Joseph Farah’s newest book, “Taking America Back,” for a limited time everyone who subscribes to Whistleblower will receive a FREE hardcover copy of Farah’s blockbuster. Those renewing their subscription or giving a gift subscription are also eligible for the free book. Subscribe for two years, and receive an autographed copy.

Today is the last day for the free book offer.

February’s Whistleblower, subtitled “An inspired action plan for restoring liberty to the ‘land of the free,'” starts with Farah’s theme of going on the offensive to reclaim constitutional government and a moral culture in America, then expands the field greatly by assembling a team of some of today’s best and brightest.

In an exclusive excerpt from his brilliant and passionate new book, “When I was a kid, this was a free country,” G. Gordon Liddy poignantly describes the America of his youth. After showing in detail how the liberties most Americans enjoyed a generation or two ago have all but disappeared one by one, Liddy explains in crystal-clear fashion exactly how those freedoms have been lost over the last 100 years;

Talk superstar Michael Savage, in his humorous but poignant article “From melting pot to chamber pot,” explains graphically how multiculturalism has succeeded in neutering America and putting it firmly on the “pathway to apathy and anarchy;”

Joseph Farah, in two powerful articles – “What is self-government?” and “Fighting back” – first opens up readers’ eyes as to what the American experiment is really all about, and then shows how to reclaim that heritage.

In “We hold these truths,” Presbyterian minister Rev. Nate Atwood explains – in the tradition of the pastors that preached before and during the period of the American War of Independence – the inside story of the Declaration of Independence;

In “Living the American Dream,” Sean Hannity, telling personal stories of events that changed his life, explains how despite all its flaws the USA still offers the greatest freedom and opportunity for success of any nation on earth;

This is just a taste of February’s Whistleblower. These and other contributors provide nothing less than a dazzling blueprint for personal growth and national redemption.

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