Saudi PR machine
greased by millions

Islamic charities to wage big-money battle against 9-11 families’ suit

Burton slams Saudi PR show
House committee chairman says kingdom covers up kidnappings

More hearings on kidnappings
of Americans

House panel to address Saudi Arabia’s refusal to turn over documents

House panel plans more Saudi kidnap hearings
Testimony to test U.S. will to deal firmly with kingdom

Burton presses Saudis
to release Americans

Letter mentions kingdom possibly ‘manipulating high-profile cases’

Burton’s Saudi trip
called promising

‘Significant progress’ possible regarding release of kidnapped Americans

Saudis, U.S. colluding on kidnapped kids?
Girls now in Europe, mother charges conspiracy to keep them from her

Saudis to be pressed
on kidnapped Americans

Rep. Dan Burton leads delegation to kingdom on behalf of parents

Head of consular affairs
at State resigns

Flak over Saudi visa program benefiting 9-11 hijackers to blame?

Fleischer pressed on Roush case
Kinsolving asks if Bush will confront
Saudis on kidnapping


Moms testify on Saudi
kidnap cases

Roush, others demand feds do more to rescue children held captive in kingdom

What about Saudi kidnapping?
Our man questions Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer on Roush case

Witnesses set for Saudi
kidnap hearing

WND author, State Department officials to appear before panel

Hearing on kidnapped girls
next week

Mother of daughters held captive
in Saudi Arabia to testify


Mom of kidnapped girls
continues crusade

American children abducted, brought to Saudi Arabia 16 years ago

Congress takes up Saudi
kidnap case

Committee to probe kingdom’s holding of Americans


Exclusive Commentary

A conspiracy of 3
Pat Roush slams Bill O’Reilly for allowing himself to be used by Saudis

Freedom is just another word
Bill O’Reilly calls girls brainwashed, says they’ll never come home

U.S. citizens in captivity
Joseph Farah calls on feds to take action to free American girls

The sheikhdom strikes back
Joseph Farah rips Saudi paper for smearing kidnap mom Pat Roush

U.S. hostages in Saudi Arabia
Joseph Farah hammers U.S. for inaction on Saudi kidnap case

Booze over babes
Jane Chastain reveals widespread corruption
in Saudi Arabia


They weren’t home for Christmas
Jane Chastain tells story of Alia and Aisha’s abduction

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