Have Democrats forgotten 9-11? Those in the Washington state legislature have, because on Monday they invited Mohamad Joban, a Muslim cleric from Olympia to pray in the name of Allah and claim the spiritual ground of the state and the people they represent. Only two of the people’s representatives stood quietly against this effort.

To grasp the significance of the Washington state Democratic Party’s actions, we need to remember. We need to remember that Muslim clerics praying to Allah blessed and then released 19 angry Middle Eastern men into America to murder our fellow citizens, our friends and our family members. These cleric-inspired men flew planeloads of innocent people – just like you and me – into skyscrapers full of other folks, condemning them to early death in a fiery inferno of jet fuel. Others they propelled into the very heart of our government where our military men and women labor daily to protect us and a large part of the free world. They also targeted the White House and the Capitol. Clearly, their prayers were for the destruction of America.

Democrats nationwide would do well to remember that it was by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit that two of 9-11’s planes never made it: one crashed in a Pennsylvania field, and another never took off. Were that not the case, today’s Congress and president would not exist. Many of those who worship Allah regard America as the “Great Satan.” This, they tell anyone who will listen, and incite millions in the Muslim world against us. They have declared war on every man, woman and child in America.

The American left, embodied by the Democratic Party in Washington state, had no second thoughts about taking ground purchased 200 years ago through our forefathers’ blood and tears for Jesus Christ, and turning it over to Allah, a god on record publicly as seeking our destruction. Of all the self-professed Christians in the Washington state legislature – and within the state Democratic Party – only two of the people’s representatives – both Republicans – saw fit to excuse themselves. Lois McMahan and Gary Condotta quietly left the legislative chamber. For that exercise of personal conscience, they have endured a hate campaign by the American media, and demands by buildings full of paid Muslim mouthpieces (who so far have not had airplanes flown into their workplaces) that they apologize for their Christian beliefs and behavior.

The Americans making these demands (in contrast to the paid mouthpieces of evil) have demonstrated by their action that they have the spiritual discernment of a pile of rocks. They believe that all religions – indeed, good and evil themselves – are equal. Were this the sum of their error, it would be dangerous enough. It is not. They demand that we believe as they do. If we don’t believe in the godless nothingness they worship, they will do their best to crucify us, as their forbearers did to Jesus on that cross. Isn’t tolerance wonderful?

As this column goes to press, Rep. McMahan has apologized “for offenses given and would like to ask forgiveness of any whom I have offended. It was never my intention for such offenses to occur in the first place.”

“I understand that Imam Joban has extended an invitation to me to visit the local Islamic center where he presides. If in fact this is true, I intend to accept his gracious invitation. At that time I will personally deliver to him my apology for any offense he may have experienced.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sorry that Rep. McMahan apologized to those who take offense all too readily. The truth is oftentimes hard to accept, especially by those who have so passionately embraced error. We expect a lot of those we elect to represent us in public office. We don’t often support them very well, especially in time of trouble. Mr. Joban, the Islamic cleric, is due to pray before the legislature again on this Friday. He deserves the same respect as any other citizen. I can see no disrespect in Christians, who obviously pray to a very different God, politely excusing themselves from this opening proceeding.

Jesus warned us that many would take offense at the cross, but he was adamant there was no other way to come to God the Father. Long before Jesus’ day, the prophet Isaiah wrote of our Lord: “And he will be for a sanctuary; and for a stone of stumbling, and for a rock of offense to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem” (8:14). And, we might add, to both houses of the Washington state legislature as well.

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