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Desperate times make black leaders more desperate

This just in: The black “leadership” has spoken and war is not the answer.

Though some 70 percent of Americans support the impending war against Iraq, you won’t find a corresponding pro-American outcry from the black community. And it’s no wonder: The reason that most blacks don’t support the war is that most of their leaders are against it. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Congressional Black Caucus and a cornucopia of embittered black church leaders and a slew of civil-rights degenerates have come out vocally and vengefully against the war.

Let us go through the rundown of the latest from this group of bedraggled misfits that masquerade as leaders:

Jesse Jackson has written an open letter to Saddam Hussein indicating that his opposition to the war has grown after Colin Powell’s presentation to the U.N. earlier in February. Jackson has been a part of several large anti-war protests in recent months. That’s right – Jesse Jackson, the man who called New York City “Hymietown” and Jews “Hymie,” the adulteress minister, the lover of Palestine and hater of Israel.

Louis Farrakhan, speaking in Baghdad this past July, reportedly said, “the Muslim American people are praying to the almighty God to grant victory to Iraq [in the war].” Farrakhan recently wrote an open letter to President Bush, in which he wrote, “May Allah … guide you.” If Farrakhan is herein referring to the god that he serves, then I must assert that I hope “Allah” is the last one guiding our president. And does Farrakhan really believe that President Bush is going to take advice from a known anti-Semite who once called Hitler a “great man,” a minister who has referred to Judaism as a “gutter religion” and Jews as the “blue-eyed devil?”

Next up on this list of civil-rights leftovers is Al Sharpton. He and Jesse Jackson are together again, frequenting the anti-war / anti-America protests of recent months. Sharpton is mounting his presidential run and thus is making an attempt to be on his best behavior, but it’s hard to forget his past: the Tawana Brawley hoax, the reference to a Jewish man as a “white interloper” and Jews as “diamond merchants,” the history of race-baiting that is only outdone by the men previously mentioned.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll mention only one last collection of enraged black leaders. As reported by FinalCall.com, on Feb. 8, in Detroit, Mich., black clergy and black leaders from across the country united to denounce the impending war and send a message to President Bush. Among the gems of this event were those uttered by Dr. Charles Adams, pastor of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, the Rev. Marcia Louise Dyson (wife of hatemonger Professor Michael Eric Dyson, who was also in attendance at the event), and the Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes Jr. Adams proclaimed “It is insanity, injustice and indecency to start a war in Iraq when we haven’t finished in Afghanistan, we haven’t cleaned up drugs in America and now we want to attack postage stamp-sized Iraq.”

It may come as news to Dr. Adams that this is an out-of-the-blue start to a war – this is a necessary and appropriate response to repeated violations of U.N. mandates following the Gulf War. Mrs. Dyson declared that “We cannot say that we are against terrorism in other countries when terrorism exists right here in America.” If the Reverend Dyson finds democracy and freedom so troubling, then perhaps she would be happier living with all the privileges and immunities granted to the good people of Baghdad.

Finally we have the words of the Rev. Dr. Forbes: “If being a good American means ignoring the value of life, then we have a problem. If being a good American means we can flex our muscles to say, [America] can do whatever and ignore the sensibilities of men like Nelson Mandela, then we have a problem.” How can the Rev. Forbes claim to care about the value of life and call on the United States government to hazard the lives of Americans by letting Saddam Hussein off the hook? And last time I checked, Nelson Mandela was a communist – an inherent enemy of the American republic. If our country had been founded on the sensibilities of Mandela, then America would be the disaster that is South Africa.

It is amazing – but all too predictable – that the black leadership could be so united against the war and against America. As we’ve seen here, most of these “leaders” are ministers no less. These people are supposedly called by God – implying a respect for human dignity – and yet they have no qualms at all in opposing a regime dedicated to securing safety for its people and looking to liberate those oppressed by a brutal dictator.

Of course, this united voice of the black leadership, reflected in an utter lack of pro-American support from the black community, should come to us as no shock. We have long known that the majority of the so-called black civil-rights leaders and black preachers are communist-socialist pigs who hate America and hate Israel, passionately despise President Bush, and can’t stand the melting of their once widespread power since 9-11. Since 9-11, the cries and rants of men like Jackson and Sharpton have seemed more and more trivial and spurious – and they know it. This is the motive behind these desperate actions – these childish grasps for the fraying threads of power that were once theirs.

Though their significance has exponentially dwindled, we must still be aware of the real threat these “leaders” pose. The civil-rights movement has already succeeded in breaking down the black family. By emasculating the black man and enraging the black woman, there is only the faintest line of defense against this Hate America onslaught, and their influence has penetrated the black community. Simply notice how the hatred of America, of Jews, of Israel, of morality is so pervasive in the black community – it is a reflection of the perversion and evil of its leaders. So it is with the war on Iraq.

In a time when we should be uniting in America to speak with a solitary voice supporting freedom and democracy, these black problem-profiteers are using this war to divide us. At BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, we have been revealing the destructive, evil nature that lies within the black leadership, and never has it been more apparent as in their present desperation. These people have lined up against their country, favoring a brutal dictator over a regime that values freedom and respect for human dignity.

I urge all Americans – especially black Americans – to unite rather than divide, to stay alert to the desperate attacks of these communist-socialist leaders of the black – and white – communities, and support our American troops in the fight for freedom against an evil man whom we are morally obliged to remove. Don’t let yourself be angered by the Hate America crowd. If we become angry, we can be controlled. But if we unite in the spirit of patriotism and freedom, we cannot be defeated. Desperate times make black leaders more desperate – so be ready. Remember that our cause is just, our means proper, our ends moral. God bless America.