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The long delays in getting international support for the war on Iraq have provided Saddam Hussein and terrorist allies a greater opportunity to plant weapons of mass destruction in Israel, the United States and elsewhere around the world, Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin reports this week.

Iraq has long planned to take its revenge on Israel for any attack by U.S. forces, the premium online intelligence newsletter reports. U.S. military intelligence sources have been expressing deep concern for months that Israel is vulnerable to a dramatic attack, not only from missiles but from terrorists planting devices as well, according to the report.

Other likely targets for backpack nuclear devices or radiological weapons, reports G2 Bulletin, include the U.S. and military bases in Kuwait.

As WorldNetDaily reported last week, several Iraqi nationals recently have been caught sneaking illegally across the U.S.-Mexican border into Arizona, according to a U.S. congressman who is alarmed by the security breach and wants U.S. troops stationed on the border.

WorldNetDaily reported exclusively yesterday that a southern Texas sheriff is warning the public that unidentified armed men dressed in military fatigues have been spotted on numerous occasions in his county near the border with Mexico.

All that comes on top of news that U.S. authorities last month had to expel an Iraqi journalist who covered the United Nations for the official Iraqi News Agency, because he was considered a security risk on the eve of war with Iraq. Two U.N.-based Iraqi diplomats also were asked to leave the country.

“We know that Iraq plans on doing something large and evil to Israel during the course of this coming conflict,” said one G2 Bulletin source.

Another source said: “We’re known for months that Iraq would attempt to use dramatic terrorist strikes against the U.S., Israel and its allies in response to a war. The diplomatic stall that has taken place in the United Nations has provided Baghdad and its terrorist operatives an additional six months to carry out such a mission.”

Military and intelligence sources believe the optimal time for such a terror counter-attack will be in the earliest stages of the allied offensive. That could come following a presidential strike order, during the aerial bombardment campaign or in the first part of a ground offensive. In any case, Iraq is expected to unleash its secret offensive before the fall of Baghdad, say intelligence sources.

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