While Bush administration officials have publicly ignored the efforts of anti-war protesters volunteering to serve as human shields in Iraq, an Arab daily reports Vice President Dick Cheney is about to embark on a trip to persuade one woman to abandon her stance – his daughter.

According to the London based Al Quds Al Arabi, Cheney is expected to arrive in the Jordanian capital, Amman, next Friday to carry out a “social mission.”

Vice President Dick Cheney speaks to troops stationed at Al-Udeid Airbase in Qatar, March 17.

Citing news reports circulating in Amman, the newspaper claimed Cheney hoped to convince his daughter, who it said was currently staying at a hotel in Amman, not to travel to Baghdad with a group of volunteers that plans to form human shields against the coalition attacks on Iraq.

Elizabeth Cheney, 36, is deputy assistant secretary for Near-East affairs at the State Department. She lives in Washington with her husband and three children.

Mary Cheney, 34, just completed a master’s degree at Denver University. Her open homosexuality sparked controversy during her father’s vice presidential campaign in 2000.

Cheney’s spokesperson laughed at the Arab report.

“I’m mystified as to where that came from,” Jennifer Millerwise told WorldNetDaily. “It’s completely false.”

Millerwise said neither the vice president nor his daughters were headed to Amman.

“There are no true elements in that story,” she said.

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