For the duration of the war, I suggest you change your home page to the POW-MIA and casualty page of Have You Forgotten. The presence of POWs changes everything about how Americans should speak publicly about the war. It is, of course, the right of every American to be a dishonorable and dishonest lout like Michael Moore, but the fact of American POWs and the instantaneous operation of modern media changes the ethics of commentary during the war.

It will not be a long war, though it will have and already has had an enormous cost attached to it for any family that loses a loved one. There will be no great sacrifice by the television and radio talking heads and the larger blathering class, if they collectively keep anti-American rants to themselves for the duration. But there could be enormous costs for POWs for those who shout screeds into open mikes while Americans are captive.

My friend Rich Botkin wrote about the effects of the useful idiots of the Vietnam generation in a recent WorldNetDaily column that I suggest you read. POWs are susceptible to enough abuse without providing fodder to their captors, which Michael Moore surely did on Monday night.

If Moore hasn’t already considered it, he ought to be thinking about the reception he will receive if it turns out that his frothings were replayed for any of our captives. His website apparently shut down yesterday, and I doubt it was because of the congratulations he received. If any of our captives comes home and lets it be known that Moore’s incoherence was part of their abuse, we can only hope that no one ever exhibits his silly pictures again.

These are the consequences of a wired world and dish networks. I cringe when I see any interview that could be used to harass prisoners, and there are many such interviews. Of course, the propaganda value of Moore and his like is already high for our enemies, but this is just a cost of freedom: Idiots can get amplification.

But since self-discipline is the only discipline that will ever be applied to the posers of the left, perhaps if they can see the faces of those that might suffer more because of their self-indulgence, they will display a little decency. The odds are not great that they will, but the website above is a good place to start.

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