A monthly children’s magazine published by the Hamas terrorist organization urges Palestinian and Iraqi children to pray for Allah to “destroy the cruel, rapist Jews” and bring victory to the Palestinian and Iraqi causes.

“The eighth edition of Al-Fateh [The Conqueror], was published [last month] and it seems that over the last eight months it has caught the eyes of its young readers,” says an analysis by The Media Line, an Israel-based group offering news and commentary on the Middle East.

“The Conqueror” icon of the Al-Fateh magazine.

Pleas for violence against Jews, contained in the magazine’s editorial, is preceded by descriptions of alleged suffering by Iraqi children as a result of the U.S.-led war to oust Saddam Hussein. It says the children are suffering due to cruelty being committed against them by coalition forces.

“Their pure bodies torn to shreds, their heads in one place and their arms in another,” says the editorial, designed, TML believes, to provoke fear and hatred in the hearts of young Palestinian readers.

The editorial says the enemy’s hatred and insensitivity “are caused by the Jewish filth, and they are inspired by the Jews’ cruelty, heresy and barbarity.”

The editorial also devotes much space to describe Palestinians who provide information to Israeli intelligence and military officials as people who “sold their religion, their honor, their conscience … to the Jews and the Americans … and became animals to be used at any time.”

The editorial calls them “traitors to their own people, their land and their brothers.”

“They betray Allah and his messenger [the Prophet Muhammad] and the Arabs and Muslims in Iraq, Palestine and around the entire globe,” it continues.

Felice Friedson, president and CEO of The Media Line, told WorldNetDaily she believes the magazine’s creators are ratcheting up the hate-filled rhetoric against Israel and the Jewish faith to attract more readers – a ploy that seems to be working.

She said the magazine’s website has attracted 1.6 million visitors since its launch. It uses simple language, light stories and endearing illustrated characters, TML analysts have said.

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