About 18 months ago, someone sent me a link to a column by a 13-year-old kid.

I read the piece. I shook my head. I said to myself: “No 13-year-old kid wrote that.”

But then I thought to myself: “What if a 13-year-old kid did write that?” Might I be missing out on the discovery of a major new talent?

So, I decided to check it out. I wrote to Kyle Williams. I looked at some of his other work. I read his replies. I talked with his mother.

Guess what? The kid was for real.

Shortly thereafter, he became a weekly columnist for WorldNetDaily and, to my knowledge, the youngest columnist writing on non-youth-oriented topics anywhere in America.

He hasn’t disappointed. He’s no one-trick-pony, this Kyle Williams. Week after week, he has turned in very professional work. He meets his deadlines. He writes provocatively and persuasively. I find him to be inspirational – redefining our expectations of just what young teen-agers are capable of doing.

If you aren’t already checking out his column on Saturdays in WorldNetDaily, I really urge you to do so. And drop young Kyle an encouraging e-mail if you agree with me he’s something special.

Last year I decided to take another big chance on Kyle.

Shortly after I founded a new book-publishing partnership with Thomas Nelson Publishers – WND Books – I twisted a few arms and secured the young Mr. Williams his first book contract.

Now, in addition to being America’s youngest weekly pundit, he may also be America’s youngest non-fiction author. Kyle Williams’ “Seen and Heard” is out. I want to ask you to consider buying the book by this gifted young prodigy and perhaps giving it to your son, daughter or grandchild to help raise their own expectations about what they can achieve if they simply put their mind to it.

That may be Kyle Williams’ secret. He discovered early on what he wanted to do and he simply applied himself. I’m sure it helps that he’s got terrific parental support and is homeschooled.

Kyle Williams is a very special young man.

And I think it’s time we celebrated special young men like Kyle Williams. I think it’s time we held them up as role models for their peers. I think it’s time we gave them their say.

This is a book I would love to see parents across America read so they can understand just how much teen-agers can actually achieve. Our expectations of kids have been lowered over the last 30 years. It’s time to raise the standards again.

I’ve taken a pretty big chance by publishing Kyle Williams’ “Seen and Heard.” There were a lot of skeptics when I first suggested the idea. This has never been done before. But I like the idea of giving young people a platform to be heard – particularly those as well-grounded as homeschooler Kyle Williams.

You can help me out by making this book a publishing success. You can validate my faith in gifted young people by buying this book and spreading the word about it.

WND Books isn’t afraid to take chances – on young talents and on ideas that might not find a home elsewhere in the establishment publishing world. My goal with WND Books is nothing short of touching off a revolution in the book publishing world the way WorldNetDaily touched off a revolution in the news business.

We’re well on our way with our first No. 1 New York Times best-seller in Michael Savage’s “The Savage Nation.” But we need the support of WorldNetDaily’s 5 million-plus readers to keep up the momentum. Do you want this experiment in cutting-edge book publishing to succeed? If you do, there’s only one way to show it – buy the books we produce.

To make it easy on you, here are our first seven releases:

Katherine Harris’ “Center of the Storm”

Michael Savage’s “The Savage Nation”

Joseph Farah’s “Taking America Back”

Jack Cashill’s and James Sanders’ “First Strike”

Pat Roush’s “At Any Price”

Wayne LaPierre’s “Guns, Freedom and Terrorism”

Kyle Williams’ “Seen and Heard”

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