Seven months ago, in my very first column for WorldNetDaily, I told you why liberals find it so difficult to succeed at talk radio. I reviewed that column recently and saw that I failed to introduce you to a group of people called Democratic Talk Radio.

Democratic Talk Radio consists of two stalwart Democrats, Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence, who have launched a syndicated Democratic talk-radio show and who use their website to cajole followers to lobby radio stations on their behalf.

Their website really is worth a visit. Log onto one of their message boards and make a comment critical of a Democrat or Democratic policy – and see how long it is before your comment is excised and you are banned from further participation.

In a grand and magnanimous gesture (for which I am renowned), I once offered the two gentlemen from Democratic Talk Radio the opportunity to fill in for me on one of my all-too-infrequent vacation days. They gladly accepted – and then came the conditions. Their principal demand was that they be allowed to produce and conduct the radio show exactly the same way they handle their website. They were to have complete control over screening all phone calls, and no calls critical of Democratic politicians or policies would be permitted. We withdrew the invitation.

I bring this up in order to direct your attention to both the Democratic Talk Radio website, and to another similar website called Democratic Underground.

Here, as with Democratic Talk Radio, comments critical of Democrats or liberal orthodoxy are deleted and the people who make those comments are banned. Visits to these two related websites will tell you all you would ever need to know about why liberals and Democrats just can’t seem to cut the talk-radio mustard.

Which brings us to the war in Iraq. On April 4, Washington Post columnist Michael Kelly was killed in a vehicle accident in Iraq. Kelly was a conservative. Kelley also didn’t think much of Bill Clinton. In one particularly memorable column, Michael Kelly said that Clinton was spectacularly “unqualified” to serve as president of the United States.

Kelly’s conservative, anti-Clinton credentials made him a prime target for leftist vitriol – and if you want to find some real good leftist vitriol, there are few places better than Following Kelly’s death, Democrats logged on to to express their “feelings.” Those who are strong-of-stomach might be able to read some of the postings without any appreciable sudden weight loss.

Read these, my friends, and feel the “compassion” and “love” for one’s fellow human being:

  • A participant identified as “9215” wrote: “This warmongering chickens–t chickenhawk is more deserving of death than innocent Iraqi children. It will be good not having to see his stupid face on the editorial pages. He and others of his bent are the ones who hyped this slaughter, let’s not forget that.”

  • This posting was from “Kanzeon”: “I find it hard to be sad … Frankly, the less conservative pundits, the better. Though I wish they’d just consider their career options flipping burgers at McDonald’s.” Then “NewYorkerfromMass” weighs in with: “Now if only we could get Hannity and Rush over there.”

Nice folks, those Democrats. If they can’t get a successful talk show of their own up and running, just wish for the death of those evil radio conservatives.

  • Moving right along with more warm and fuzzy thoughts from our Democrat friends, “mjb4” writes: “One down … kill them all for glorifying the war. Cannot feel sorry for those profiting on the deaths of innocent children.” Then “pfitz59” says that Michael Kelly received his “just rewards.”

  • Another Democrat named “casual_observer” shows a not-quite-so-casual approach: “Tough @ss Mr Kelly! This guy was a sanctimonious son of a b–ch who got what was coming. Did any of you actually read the stuff he used to write?? Imagine the hubris of that b-stard thinking he could waltz through this thing. Ann Coulter next, I’ll pay for her ticket myself. And Rush after that. I wouldn’t use the Atlantic Monthly for toilet paper.

  • Just one more and I’ll quit. A member named “jackswift” had these thoughts: “Wonderful news I’m assuming his family won’t be reading this, but frankly, I’m gratified to learn that he paid the ultimate price for his sins of warmongering. This guy was scum.”

    “My first thoughts on seeing the thread were that I hoped it was that scum Post warmongering writer. My second thought was that it was a late April Fool’s joke. But no false sadness from me, only happiness that someone as mean and vicious as Mike Kelly got what was coming.

    “As for all the posts about ‘coming by his views honestly’ and “not speaking ill of the dead,” congratulations on taking the high road guys, but a–holes like Kelly have to die sometime, and I prefer it is as a direct result of their sins. But what do I know, I’m happy that Reagan has Alzheimer’s and that [George Bush] has access to pretzels. I wish death on my enemies, and these guys are enemies.”

If you check today, you’ll find most of these messages removed. Too late – us nasty right-wingers managed to save them before they disappeared.

Leftist viciousness on display.

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