Two music videos being played on Palestinian television are being used to propagate a hate for Israel among Palestinian children, reports an organization that monitors the media in the Middle East.

Palestinian Media Watch offers Internet users the ability to watch the two videos, one of which debuted in January.

The first video (viewed via Windows Media Player) suggests that Israel soldiers are murders and encourages young Palestinians to take up arms against the Jewish state.

The video includes scenes of:

  • A laughing girl on a swing, which turns into a burning swing and burning child’s rocking horse;

  • A father reading his young son a section from the Quran calling him to fight the enemies;

  • The father handing his son a stone to throw at Israelis;

  • A bomb hidden (by Israel) inside a soccer ball that blows up when a child kicks it;

  • Actors depicting Israeli soldiers murdering an elderly man by shooting him in the head; and

  • A mother and her infant being blown up by Israeli soldiers.

The second video is older, says PMW, but has been played more frequently in recent days. It presents the message to children that throwing stones at Israelis is a way to defend their mothers’ honor.

In one scene, young boys throw stones at a glass window with Jewish symbols: the word Israel in Hebrew, a star of David, an Israeli flag and an Israeli soldier. Immediately after the window and the Jewish symbols are smashed, all the flames on a Menorah are extinguished.

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