The Peterson murder case is an magnificent example of America’s continuing cowardice and moral occlusion. But for once, a bright line has been drawn which prevents the supporters of “a woman’s right to choose” from hiding behind tortured definitions, incomplete phrases and naked appeals to selfishness, and forces the neutral majority to realize their complicity in America’s greatest shame.

Indeed, I am grateful to those few abortionettes, like Mavra Stark of the Morris County, N.J., chapter of NOW, who are bold enough to publicly articulate what is the ultimate position of their pro-death camp – that a woman has a right to kill her child at any time.

There is no possible half-measure. Either an unborn child is human, or it is not. If abortion is not murder, then neither can it be murder for a stranger to end a woman’s pregnancy with a savage kick to the stomach. If abortion is not murder, then it is only Laci Peterson’s fate with which the law must be concerned, for we need not trouble ourselves anymore about the swelling growth in her abdomen than we would about a wart on her foot.

But abortion is murder. More than that, it is the most vile and despicable of murders.

I have written before that calling a feminist a feminazi is an insult to National Socialism – I say this because the National Socialists were targeting for dehumanization those they considered to be a deadly enemy, the members of a race with whom the Aryan nation was competing for the throne of the world. American feminists, on the other hand, have dehumanized the most innocent portion of the human race in the prosaic pursuit of sexual pleasure and career advancement.

Dehumanization is always the first step in any planned massacre, which is why feminists stubbornly cling to the word “fetus” and are panicked when an event like the Peterson killings puts the lie to their contention that the unborn child is somehow something less than human. Their defense of atrocities such as the abomination that is partial-birth abortion places them on the moral level of a concentration-camp employee.

Now, it has become commonplace today to engage in transtemporal judgementalism, which is why the Founding Fathers are denigrated for their recognition of slavery and why modern Germans are still tainted by their grandparent’s acceptance of National Socialism. Consider, then, how future generations will damn America for the 40 million unborn children legally murdered since 1972.

Legality is not morality. It was legal to murder a black in 1840, a Jew in 1944 and it has been legal to murder an unborn baby in America for the last 30 years – in 50 more, perhaps it will be legal to murder a Christian, a Frenchman or a feminist. But morality is eternal, and regardless of the current state of the law, such actions will always be immoral.

Spare me any defenses of this madly sadistic blood-orgy. I have heard them all, and I could not care less that we do not yet know the precise moment at which life begins. I am unmoved by the thought that the country might be deprived of another International Relations major if an upper-middle-class girl is not able to finish her degree due to the easily foreseeable consequences of her actions, and I have no more pity for the hypothetical woman seeking a back-alley abortion than had the U.S. 157th Regiment for the Waffen-SS guards they captured at Dachau.

As for the red-handed doctors, nurses and organizations that profit by stealing life from the unborn, better I say nothing. My thoughts regarding them are unprintable, and, I will confess, less than perfectly Christian.

Just this morning, I held a little girl in my arms, a beautiful little girl younger than Connor Peterson would be now, and when she smiled at me I was able to see the pure joy that was in her soul, even at such a young age. Wanted or unwanted, every child is precious and if a claim on privacy can be manufactured from constitutional penumbras and emanations, then surely an imperative to be born can be discovered in the inalienable right to life, liberty and happiness.

I hope that the sad and tragic fate of Laci Peterson and her little son, Connor, will help America wake up from its long, shameful national nightmare. Abortion is murder. Abortion must end.

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