Actually, I wasn’t going to say anything about the combined Susan Sarandon /Tim Robbins whining that they were losing show-business opportunities because the three-quarters of Americans who backed President Bush (in his efforts simultaneously to protect America and liberate Iraqis) recoiled in disgust from what was perceived as their self-centered, ignorant, knee-jerk, hate-America, ultra-liberal, anti-war /Bush public statements. I wasn’t going to say anything because, frankly, I didn’t want to be seen as saying “Nah, nah, nah.”

Happily, others have said it for me.

Many listeners wrote to me, urging me to speak. Teresa, an 8-year listener, wrote: “When are you going to come out and shout from the rooftops about how these Hollyweirdo hypocrites silenced your free speech? I want to see you on every news channel exposing how Susan Sarandon and her ilk went after your TV and radio advertisers. Where are you, Dr. Laura? Please tell your story and tell it loud!”

Yes, Susan Sarandon and much of Hollywood did go after me with a vengeance. No debate, no respect for an opinion different than theirs, but certainly on the continuum of “diversity,” no “tolerance” for a religiously based point of view about sexual behavior – just search out my sponsors and attempt to destroy me.

Not one television so-called “news” program called to ask for my input. Interesting. Still, I wasn’t going to say anything.

However, I’ve noticed that it all hasn’t gone unnoticed after all. For example, Marianne M. Jennings, wrote (April 14, 2003) in the Deseret News, “Natalie Maines, one-third of the Dixie Chicks, said she was ‘ashamed’ of our president. Their CD sales fell nearly 60 percent in one week, airplay stopped and tractors gathered to smash the CDs outside radio stations. The left cried, ‘Censorship!’ This newfound First Amendment zeal could help Dr. Laura … and a cadre of conservatives who have been banished by these same leftists.”

Letters to the Editor in newspapers across the country noted this reality. Ed Healy, in the Press Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.) on April 19, 2003, wrote: “… Tim Robbins … complaining that he and Sarandon have been deprived of their First Amendment Rights … It appears that the shoe is on the other foot and they don’t care for it. Three years ago Sarandon was part of a left-wing Hollywood militia that organized to vilify Laura Schlessinger and destroy her fledgling television show because of statements she made … I guess silencing differing opinions and destroying livelihoods is only allowed if you belong to the anointed left.”

Then there was Dianna Piper in the San Diego Union-Tribune (April 23, 2003): “I find very interesting the reaction of many Hollywood actors and music groups regarding their freedom of speech opposing the war and President Bush. Where were the voices of Hollywood and the music industry when Dr. Laura was blasted? Where were Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and many others when her right to freedom of speech was threatened? They were not to be heard.”

Ray McNulty, the staff writer for the Stuart News /Port S. Lucie News (Stuart, Fla.) wrote, on April 20, that “So Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are upset that they weren’t invited to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s now-cancelled, 15th anniversary celebration of the movie, ‘Bull Durham,’ because of their public anti-war stance? Funny, it didn’t seem to bother them when Sarandon was calling for the cancellation of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s short-lived TV show because the actress disagreed with the talk-show host’s conservative position on family values.”

Still, I wasn’t going to say anything. Then, in response to an announcement in the Battle Creek Enquirer in March of 2003 that I would appear at the community prayer breakfast as the keynote speaker, came a letter to the editor by Jay Moore stating that the organizers of the breakfast should be ashamed of having me speak because my views serve only to divide communities: “Dr. Laura believes that no mother should work outside the home, public schools are a disgrace, public libraries provide filth to children, and gays should be condemned to hell, just to name a few … I’m proud to say that through my employer, I have had the opportunity to broaden my vision of diversity … Maybe Dr. Laura should attend one of our diversity training sessions.”

In a rebuttal letter to the editor, I finally said something:

Jay Moore’s letter calls for those who organized the Community Prayer Breakfast to be ashamed for inviting me to keynote. Mr. Moore presents a picture of me as an individual who has convictions and opinions concerning controversial issues as the reason I am a poor choice as a speaker. By his definition, he would likely oppose Mother Theresa, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, Moses and others who have stood up for what they believed in.

As for his specific claims: Yes, I do believe that parents should actually love, nurture, teach, guide and supervise their own children; yes, I do believe that our public school system has become more of an indoctrination center for politically correct social programming – our lack of competitiveness in scores against so-called Third World countries proves our schools are a disgrace; yes, I do support the congressional efforts to require public schools to filter children’s computer access against pornography, and also support bans on permitting public libraries to lend R-rated films to minors without parental permission; no, I have never said nor thought that gays should go to hell – that’s just a lie Mr. Moore tells to have people disdain me.

Clearly, Mr. Moore’s workshops in diversity at his workplace did not cover tolerance for religiously based values. I look forward to sharing the morning with the wonderful folks of Battle Creek.

There, I said something.

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