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TWA 800: Pilots speak out

After my most recent trip to Washington last weekend, I have come to one sorry conclusion: The only people who believe that a fuel-tank problem destroyed TWA Flight 800 sit in America’s major media newsrooms.

They certainly don’t sit in the cockpits of America’s airliners. After some 200 radio and TV interviews and a score of live appearances, I have talked to at least 100 airline pilots. Of those, exactly one supported the government thesis.

What follows are some of the unsolicited e-mails I have recently received from pilots and my comments on the same. I have edited them only for length and for spelling. Not all of the pilots agree with James Sanders and me on every point in our book, “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America,” but they uniformly reject the government thesis.

Each of these individuals identified themselves to me. I have chosen, however, to shield their identities lest there be repercussions.

Ex-Air Force combat pilot

Retired airline pilot

Retired TWA Pilot and Accident Investigator

Note: Of the 700-plus eyewitnesses that the FBI interviewed, some 270 (FBI’s figure) saw streaks of lights ascending or arcing over before the crash. Roughly one-third of those followed the streaks from the horizon. There were many more eyewitnesses who did not share their accounts with the FBI. We too believe it was a bomb, a flying bomb that was exploded somewhere under the plane.

Retired TWA pilot, senior Air Line Pilots Association investigator

Note: This has been shortened considerably. The pilot’s point, however, is clear.

TWA pilot scheduled to fly Flight 800 on July 17

Retired airline pilot

Note: Yes, we are. Our best bet for genuine exposure at this time is for America’s pilots to force the issue. If some pilot or pilot’s organization is willing to take the lead, we are more than willing to help.

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