A television show on a publicly-owned network is pushing Dutch sexual tolerance to the limit by telling school children they should consider prostitution as a career and also think about enrolling at a controversial Amsterdam sex school, according to a report in the London Guardian.

The program is part of a series called: ‘[Expletive]: You do it like this’, and includes explicit information about Amsterdam’s ”Hanky Panky School.”

The show’s creators are largely unrepentant and say they’re just ”telling it like it is.” Network executive Maarten van Dyk says the show is meant to be ironic. ”We said that exams were in five weeks’ time and that if you don’t know what to do with yourself maybe you should consider this school and prostitution,” he told the Guardian.

Conservative politicians and women’s groups have called for an official investigation and questions have been raised in the Dutch parliament.

Piet Hein Donner, the country’s justice minister, has been forced to make a statement on the controversial program. He said no laws have been broken, but described the program’s content as ”inappropriate” and condemned its makers for portraying prostitution in ”too rosy a light.”

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