Boston radio talk-show host Chuck Morse, known for his conservative, pro-Constitution views, has announced that he is exploring the possibility of running against ultraliberal Barney Frank for the latter’s seat in Congress. Frank represents the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts, which includes such wealthy liberal suburbs as Brookline, Newton and Wellesley as well as the old industrial cities of Fall River, Taunton, and New Bedford.

Morse, a Boston area resident, has been a radio talk-show host for six years and is presently on Salem Radio’s Boston affiliate WROL. He is also a columnist whose articles have regularly appeared on Internet magazines, and is also the author of four books. With tongue-in-cheek, Morse titled one of his tomes, “Why I Am a Right-Wing Extremist.” Thus, we can expect this campaign to be a classic battle between a movement conservative and one of America’s leading socialists, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Censured by Congress in 1989 for a scandal involving a male prostitute, Barney Frank has gone on to become one of America’s leading proponents of liberal causes. He supports gay marriage, special federal entitlements, abortion on demand, higher taxes, socialized medicine and big government – the bigger the better. Frank hasn’t had a credible opponent since he beat Republican Margaret Heckler in 1980.

But times have changed, and Morse believes that Frank represents old, discredited policies that have hurt his constituents, particularly the poor. For example, Frank supports big federal housing projects that have become blights in Fall River and New Bedford. Morse believes that Section 8 housing vouchers would allow the poor to move toward self-sufficiency and dignity.

Frank, of course, opposed the war in Iraq and is now calling for the release of illegal aliens detained by the U.S. government after 9-11, saying that they are being held “for no good reason” – despite the fact that they are in this country illegally.

Because of our war against terrorism, Morse understands the magnitude of the threat our nation faces and understands that national security matters should not be treated like political footballs.

Frank also sponsored a piece of legislation called “The Family Reunion Act of 2001.” According to Michelle Malkin, the author of “Invasion,” this bill allows “already deported foreign convicts, including some arsonists, robbers, and child pornographers back into the country to appeal their deportations.” We need them like a hole in the head!

Morse is a self-employed businessman who understands the onerous nature of high taxes and the over-regulation of our economy. He wants Congress to stop passing laws that contradict and violate the Constitution of the United States. He wants to abolish the Department of Education because the more money the federal government spends on education, the worse the public schools become. He favors a flat tax and the reduction in size and power of the Internal Revenue Service. He also believes that legislation should be written in simple language so that the ordinary taxpayer can understand it.

Morse, who calls himself a Romney Republican, after Massachusetts’ new governor, has already set up an exploratory website, If he wins, he’ll be the only Republican member of the Massachusetts delegation – and a conservative one at that.

Morse is running because he wants to shake things up and get Congress back on its constitutional track. He believes that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are presently under siege and that our God-given rights are in jeopardy. He wants to make a difference, and there is no doubt that he is going to give Barney Frank a run for his money.

Both men are Jewish, but the difference is that Frank has been a long-time supporter of a Palestinian state, whereas Morse considers it unwise in light of the ongoing genocide against the people of Israel by Islamic terrorists. His latest book, “The Nazification of Islam,” is due to be published later this year.

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