WASHINGTON – In a new fund-raising letter to supporters, Vice President Dick Cheney boasts of “important victories in the war on terrorism,” and entreats potential donors to re-elect President Bush and “put this man of integrity and honor back in the White House for another four years.”

The two-page letter, dated June 26, follows one penned by President Bush last month also asking for campaign donations. Like Bush, Cheney warned that next year’s election “could be very close.”

“We’ve had important victories in the war on terrorism,” Cheney said, while cautioning there is more work to be done.

Iraq is not mentioned in the letter. Nor is Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden.

“President Bush is a man who finishes what he starts,” Cheney asserted.

He reminded supporters that Bush has “made good” on his goals to restore “dignity and honor” to the White House, while changing “the tone in Washington.”

The vice president also ticked off a list of policy accomplishments by the Bush administration, including tax cuts, “a major education reform package,” and defense and homeland-security “upgrades.” He alluded to additional tax cuts “to strengthen the economy,” while at the same time urging “spending discipline in Washington.”

In his letter, Cheney invites supporters to become a “Charter Member of Bush-Cheney ’04” by donating a “generous contribution.”

In 2000, Bush and Cheney set a record by raising more than $100 million in private donations.

Cheney exhorts the faithful to “nominate and re-elect the president and put this man of integrity and honor back in the White House for another four years.”

He closes the letter by praising Bush for facing tough situations with “a calm inner strength, a steely resolve and a clarity of purpose.”

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