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'Bigfoot' spotted in China

Yesterday, “Bigfoot,” the legendary hairy beast countless witnesses claim to have seen but to date has eluded capture, reportedly was spotted by six people in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in China.

Agence France-Presse quotes the state-run Xinhua news agency as having reported the sighting in central China’s Hubei province. According to the report, local lore has it the nature reserve is well-known as a Bigfoot dwelling place.

Beijing organized several high-profile searches for the creature in the ’80s and ’90s, but no hard evidence of his existence was found, says AFP.

The report says the six witnesses describe what they saw as a grayish “mythical ape-like animal,” about five feet tall with shoulder-length black hair.

One of the six, radio reporter Shang Zhengmin, says Bigfoot was spotted as he and his companions took a left turn on a mountain road, the news agency reported. He said the “ape-like” animal was moving fast on the road and by the time the vehicle finished the turn, the creature had disappeared.

The occupants of the vehicle then stopped and reportedly discovered several footprints about 30 centimeters long.

The AFP report says the group also claimed to have discovered a patch of “foul smelling urine-like liquid” on the road where the creature was seen.

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