For today only, WorldNetDaily is giving away FREE a stunning and rare collection of America’s founding documents on parchment, all suitable for framing – including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and many other key historical documents.

The coveted collection, available exclusively from WorldNetDaily, is called “The Liberty Collection,” and will be sent as a free gift to everyone who takes out a 2-year subscription to WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, or who renews their subscription for 2 years.

Also, readers who subscribe to Whistleblower for one year will receive a fantastic FREE bonus – two blockbuster special editions of Whistleblower that focus on American freedom:

These two enormously popular issues normally sell for $15 including shipping.

Founding documents gathering dust?

“The Liberty Collection” has an amazing history. Back in 1963, a handsome collection of American historical documents was assembled – with the idea of educating U.S. citizens, and especially schoolchildren, about the roots of their free republic.

But many things changed in 1963. That was the year organized prayer in government schools was declared illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court (the same nine-member institution that last week “found” in the Constitution the right to reverse racial discrimination and the right to homosexual sex.) And the Liberty Collection began gathering dust in storage units and warehouses.

Fortunately, WorldNetDaily has reprinted a treasure trove of this collector’s item and is making them available to the public for a limited time and while supplies last.

Printed on costly parchment-like paper and packaged in an oversized, 10-inch by 14-inch booklet, “The Liberty Collection” includes a reproduction of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, The Monroe Doctrine, The Gettysburg Address, The Star-Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance. It also includes, on the back cover, a full-color reproduction of the Foundation’s Credo, which was once posted on more than 100,000 classroom walls and which was reprinted more than 1 billion times by 1963. First published in Reader’s Digest in 1948, it garnered the approval of more than 250 state supreme court justices as the best statement of principles of the American way of life.

Focus on U.S. Constitution

The current issue (July) of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE CONSTITUTION: America’s ultimate battleground,” is a no-holds-barred exploration of whether the Constitution is still America’s “supreme law of the land.”

The upcoming August Whistleblower will be dedicated entirely to America’s out-of-control judicial system, including an in-depth look at the effort to impeach members of the United States Supreme Court.

“THE CONSTITUTION: America’s ultimate battleground” shines a bright journalistic spotlight on a critical question: Is the U.S. Constitution, as many today contend, a “living” document whose interpretation can change and evolve over the decades, so that it means whatever legislators and judges want it to mean? Or, is it still the supreme law of the land, which must govern every aspect of government according to the original intent of its framers – a document that severely restricts government, especially at the national level, while guaranteeing the “unalienable rights” of American citizens?

(Note: Although the previous edition of Whistleblower, “THE NEW WORLD RE-ORDER,” is dated “May 2003,” this issue on “THE CONSTITUTION” is dated “July 2003.” There is no issue dated “June.” This is a one-time correction to the way our issues are dated to increase their “shelf life.” All subscribers will, of course, still receive a full 12 issues.)

Taking readers on a dazzling tour of this most amazing of all national charters in history, and highlighting many of the fierce legal battles currently raging over it, are some of today’s most respected constitutional experts and fighters, including Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore (the so-called “10 Commandments judge), and WND’s own Joseph Farah, author of the hit book, “Taking America Back.”

This special offer is good only until 10 p.m. Pacific today (Friday). “The Liberty Collection” is a rare collector’s item, and each page is suitable for framing (causing many people to order a second copy – one for framing and one for the home library or coffee table). It makes an excellent gift and is a must for school-age children and adults alike.

“The Liberty Collection” is available only from WorldNetDaily for $19.95 plus shipping, but TODAY ONLY it will be our FREE gift to new 2-year Whistleblower subscribers and 2-year renewals.

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