According to the New York Post, all New York City is abuzz with the failure of the latest Kennedy marital experiment. And when a married woman blows off her commitments to her husband and her children in favor of an affair with a married man, who is to blame? According to many people, not her, but the aggrieved husband, who refuses to hold a dignified silence that would allow everyone to quietly pretend nothing has happened until the whole mess fades away.

This attitude has somehow become the norm in America today in matters both public and private. Subjects once debated openly on the floors of Congress are now whispered only behind closed doors.

America is afraid. Most of her citizens may not realize it yet, but somehow, they have taken to heart the old Japanese dictum, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. This is not the motto of a free people, it is a slogan of slaves.

In today’s America, the media will not discuss the fraudulent federal income tax nor the peculiar jurisdiction of the IRS, because journalists are afraid to be audited. Lawyers do not protest how judges regularly ignore the law as it is written in favor of so-called precedent, nor do they speak up in court when a judge blatantly flouts the centuries-old right of the jury to decide on both the justice of the law and its application, because they are afraid of being disciplined before the bar.

Even the few members of the judiciary who are not corrupt are afraid – some have even articulated their fear of judging as directed by the law – because they fear the tumult and unrest that might well explode amidst a people who suddenly realize they have been cheated and defrauded for four generations.

Ask any tax accountant, any tax lawyer or even your neighbor where in the legal code it is written that a natural-born citizen of any state in the United States must pay federal income tax. They won’t be able to tell you, because no such law exists. And yet, they play along with the charade on mere hearsay, because at heart, they are terrified that the evil eye of government will be turned in their direction.

This spirit of fear is not limited to taxation. Investors and economists write of the free market, but what American market is free? Certainly not the money market, where short-term rates are directly controlled by the quasi-governmental Federal Reserve, which openly threatens to manipulate the long-term rates as well. In the stock market, there are whispers too, most recently of a timely 5,000 contract order placed by Goldman Sachs last week at the behest of the Working Group to stop the market fall last Tuesday. But no one at the Wall Street Journal, CNBC or Fox News will ever mention this, not unless they wish to conclude their career in the financial media.

Conservatives are afraid to mention their deep concerns regarding the president and his incessant caving to Democratic pressure lest they be seen as lending support to their enemies. But what is the use of having a Republican in office if he has nothing to offer but tepid Democratism? Seven of the nine Supreme Court justices who authored the recent decisions so unpopular with conservatives were nominated by Republicans, after all.

Christians are afraid to speak of their faith for fear they will be accused of intolerance or bigotry. Never mind, of course, that Jesus said that the world would hate his followers just as it hated Him. And so they sit in their dwindling pews and watch, mute and helpless, as the moral foundation upon which the nation was constructed is slowly, carefully dismantled.

Even left-liberal America is afraid. They are afraid to speak the truths they know, lest their particular interest group lose influence. Feminists are afraid to denounce a serial harasser and rapist, homosexuals are afraid to admit the dangerous reality of their sexual practices, teachers are afraid to admit that the public schools are a massive failure and politicians of both parties are afraid to admit their desire to raise taxes and spend like a stripper with a stolen credit card.

America – all of America – is living a lie. We are no longer the land of the free, we are the land of the fat, feckless and fearful. We are no longer the home of the brave, we are the home of the comfortable, the cowardly and the craven.

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