The discovery of a secret memo to Saddam’s intelligence agencies suggest the mayhem that followed the fall of the dictator in April – including the looting and destruction of government buildings and infrastructure as well as assassinations of Muslim clerics – were not spontaneous, but had been planned by Hussein months ago in the event he were overthrown.

The Middle East Media Research Institute translated the secret document after it appeared in the London-based Saudi daily Al-Hayat. Dated Jan. 23, the document was found in the archives of the Iraqi intelligence services, MEMRI reports. The instructions listed were to be carried out if Saddam were ousted from power, and, in fact, many of them were.

Here is the translation of the document:

Top Secret

To all state agencies listed below

Secret emergency plan:

-Security [Agencies]

-Military Intelligence

-Secret Services

Following on our secret letter No. (3870) of 1/19/2003. In the event of the downfall of the Iraqi leadership at the hands of the American, British and Zionist forces, God forbid, it is incumbent on all the members of the agencies listed above to act in accordance with the instructions listed below:

  1. Looting and burning of all state agencies connected with our directorates and other [government agencies]

  2. Changing residence from time to time

  3. Destroying power generating stations

  4. Destroying water installations

  5. Mobilizing of dependable elements and bringing them into mosques

  6. Joining the religious centers in Najaf

  7. Joining the nationalist and Islamic parties and groupings

  8. Cutting off internal and external communications

  9. Purchasing stolen weapons from citizens

  10. Establishing close ties with those who are returning from outside the country

  11. Assassination of imams and preachers of mosques

Copies to:

Secret Service Bureau – Baghdad

Secret Service Bureau – [unclear]

Secret Service Bureau – [Basra]


Comrade Head of Secret Services

January 23, 2003

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