Until 10 p.m. Pacific time today, WorldNetDaily is giving away FREE copies of the explosive best seller “Beyond Iraq: The Next Move” – which caused seismic waves last month when it beat out Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “Living History” as the No. 2 book on Amazon.

The celebrated book will be sent as a free gift to every WND reader who subscribes to WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, renews their subscription, or who gives a gift Whistleblower subscription.

In his smash bestseller, “Beyond Iraq: The Next Move,” author Michael D. Evans clearly defines the roles that America, Iraq and Israel play in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Breaking through the cluttered and often confusing information overload on this topic, Dr. Evans presents the Scriptures and current events side-by-side, leading to some startling but inescapable conclusions.

A minister and award-winning journalist whose articles have been published in more than 150 countries. Evans has been a specialist on the Middle East for more than two decades. He has produced 11 award-winning specials on the Middle East and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows throughout America, including Good Morning America, Nightline, Crossfire and has been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS.

“Mike Evans is a true ambassador to Jerusalem. His efforts at peace conferences and the U.N. have earned him great respect and admiration.” – Ehud Olmert, vice premier of Israel

“You have consistently demonstrated the moral clarity that is necessary to defend Israel from the lies and distortions of its enemies.” –Benjamin Netanyahu, former prime minister of Israel

Controversial, explosive, truthful

Each monthly edition of WND’s popular Whistleblower magazine tackles a single topic – a controversial, often explosive, and almost always politically incorrect topic, but one of immense important to the lives of Americans. Recent issues have focused on: The United Nations; the destructive nature of government schools; the “gay rights” movement’s secret agenda; abortion; and the radical environmentalist movement.

The current issue (July), titled “THE CONSTITUTION: America’s ultimate battleground,” is a no-holds-barred exploration of whether the Constitution is still America’s “supreme law of the land.”

The upcoming August Whistleblower will be dedicated entirely to America’s out-of-control judicial system, focusing in particular on the United States Supreme Court. The issue will make the case that Americans are in greater danger from their own legal system than they are from Islamic terrorists.

The special offer for “Beyond Iraq: The Next Move” is good until 10 p.m. Pacific today, and while supplies last.

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