Sens. John McCain and Kyoto-Joe Lieberman are pushing an amendment to the president’s energy bill which is designed more to provide ammunition for Kyoto-Joe’s presidential bid than to alter global temperature.

Sen. McCain is helping, as is the Environmental Defense Fund. According to the New York Times, the Environmental Defense Fund is sponsoring a series of print and TV ads aimed at “putting the heat on Congress.” EDF has taken more than $1.7 million in grants from the EPA and the Department of Energy in the last few years – both are agencies whose budget, staff and power would swell significantly were Kyoto-Joe’s amendment to be adopted.

In the TV ad, Sen. McCain is pictured saying something to the effect that “the science is with us.” Ha! The science has never supported the exaggerated claims of the global-warming scaremongers. The very first U.N. assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was severely edited by the policymakers – to omit comments by skeptical scientists.

As research has mounted since that first U.N. assessment report, the gap between science, and the claims of the global-warming industry has widened dramatically. More than 19,000 scientists from around the world have now signed a statement that rejects the scaremongers’ global warming claims.

The amendment to be offered by Kyoto-Joe and John McCain, would create a mini-Kyoto in the United States. It would establish an incredibly complex emissions trading scheme that would have the effect of rationing energy. It would also appropriate a ton of money to be used as grants to organizations such as the EDF. No wonder EDF is buying ads to promote passage of the amendment. They would never admit that the money to buy the ads ultimately came from the public trough.

The EDF website offers what it calls “Myth vs. Fact” on global warming. What they call “Myth” is often “Fact,” and what they call “Fact” is little more than scaremongering propaganda. For example, the site says: “… and the scientific consensus is that in all likelihood the 1990’s – the warmest decade in recorded history – were warmer than any decade in the last thousand years.”

Dr. John Christy’s research dumps tons of ice on this hyperbole. He told a congressional hearing in May 2003 that, “In my region of Alabama, the 19 hottest summers of the past 108 years occurred prior to 1955. In the Midwest, of the 10 worst heat-waves, only two have occurred since 1970, and they placed 7th and 8th.”

Even the EDF – as do all scientists – recognizes that the global temperature was significantly warmer a thousand years ago than it is today. Global-warming fanatics don’t like to acknowledge that when the planet was much warmer a thousand years ago, it was not the result of people driving SUVs or burning coal in electricity-generation plants. They don’t want you to think about the period that science calls the Medieval Global Optimum.

Both senators agree that the amendment has little chance of passage in a Republican-dominated Congress. Why, then, the big push? As Marlo Lewis, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute put it in his brilliant analysis back in January, Lieberman is setting up a political issue that he can exploit during his presidential campaign: Kyoto-Joe is for saving the planet, while the big bad Bush is for destroying the planet so his oil-loving cronies can get rich.

McCain’s motivation, as is often the case, is more mysterious. In the past, he has voted against similar measures. In the last Congress, he actually co-authored an op-ed piece with Sen. Kyl, in the East Valley Tribune, which blasted efforts to mandate tax-credits for “alternative fuel” use. It was also John McCain who promoted the election-reform bill which would outlaw third-party ads, such as the current EDF campaign, but only 60 days before an election.

Science has thoroughly trashed the notion that human activity actually causes global warming. The die-hard beneficiaries of the global-warming industry ignore and ridicule the science that negates their claims. It is high time that the American public realizes that the global-warming scaremongers who feed from the federal trough, care only about keeping their coffers full, regardless of the price everyone else has to pay.

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