Dear WND reader,

I don’t do this very often, but I’m going to do it now. I’ll make it short and, I hope, sweet.

If you’re a loyal WorldNetDaily reader, one who trusts and relies on WND for your daily news, then you need to be getting Whistleblower also.

Why? I could give you lots of reasons. I could go into detail about how Whistleblower – WND’s monthly print magazine – was the first to really get the Islamic terrorism story right, following 9-11. Or that Whistleblower, which focuses in-depth on one topic each month, has courageously shined its powerful journalistic spotlight on topic after topic from which the rest of the media shy away: The income tax, the dramatic rise in Christian persecution; the “gay rights” movement’s secret agenda; the “myths” of the Middle East; the deliberate dumbing-down of American education; the terror war, and so much more.

But I’m not going to.

Instead, I want to tell you about something else you’re getting when you subscribe to Whistleblower. You’re getting

In case you haven’t thought about it before, we bring you the world’s foremost independent English-language news website, seven days a week, for free. We serve as your watchdog on government 365 days a year. We guard your priceless freedoms by aggressively and accurately exposing governmental abuses. And during these dangerous times, we bring you the Internet’s best war coverage, the most insightful reporting on terrorism, and the most realistic advice on homeland security – all for free.

The best reporters and editors in the business working their hearts out at no cost? How can we do that?

We do it by asking our loyal WND readers – those who rely on us for their daily news briefing – to return the favor by subscribing to our magazine. Very simply, that’s what keeps us alive, along with book and tape purchases from our online store and a little advertising. But our biggest income source by far is Whistleblower.

This appeal would be easier if I could just take you on a tour of WorldNetDaily’s operation and share with you the enormous amount of work our dedicated staff performs to bring you two editions of WND daily. If I could convey to you the tireless and inspired leadership of our CEO Joseph Farah, and describe the sacrifices, difficulties, dangers and trials we constantly encounter on seemingly every side, my appeal would be more emotionally compelling.

I just have to hope that you will stop for a moment and think about these things. I know how easy it is to mentally move on, click the mouse, and go to the next story and forget this message – but I’m hoping you won’t, because we need you, just as you need us.

We need loyal WND readers to be loyal Whistleblower subscribers. That’s it in a nutshell. We give everything we’ve got to you – and when you in turn give to us, the cycle is complete and we can continue on and steadily grow in influence. Otherwise, we struggle.

I don’t believe in begging, but I am appealing to both your conscience and your self-interest. The $3 or so per month that it costs to be a Whistleblower subscriber isn’t much, but it means everything to us.


David Kupelian

Vice President and Managing Editor

& Whistleblower magazine

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