Radio host Sean Hannity posed the question: “Is there a liberal bias amongst liberal Democrats against Catholic or Christian judicial nominees?”

My answer – had he asked it of me – would have been:

No, not at all. Rather there is a blind hatred by the elite social liberals toward anyone and anything who dares to name the name of Christ, hints at there being absolutes (apart from absolute debauchery), suggests self sufficiency, favors parental rights or is foolish enough to believe that all men are created equal with certain inalienable rights granted them by their “Creator” (read God Almighty).

To them, every manner of unseemly behavior is acceptable and to be glamorized. In fact, not only are we expected to embrace such lifestyles, but activist courts have taken it upon themselves to legislate our approval, with the American Civil Liberties Union sworn to enforce our compliance. They believe it is their right to legislate our daily lives because they are intellectually superior and know what is best for mankind.

I would have answered Sean by pointing out that elite social liberal racists (blacks included) see nothing wrong with an unapologetic segregationist former Klansman being saluted as a leader and man of distinction, but they curse the ground which men like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas walk on – indeed they curse the very air such men breathe.

I would have pointed out that elite social liberals aren’t bad people, they’re just confused. Case in point: They believe the unborn are to be viewed as “choices” – not as unborn children. Accordingly, women can choose to murder the “choice,” but are not encouraged to accept personal responsibility to not become pregnant.

They believe guns kill people and that the gun manufacturers should be held accountable for the “murderous guns.” Obviously, to them people are not the ones pointing the guns and pulling the trigger – the gun does that on its own. And of course SUVs kill other motorists – not reckless or distracted drivers.

They are confused to the extent that they send their children to elite academies and private schools, while depriving the less fortunate of vouchers that would allow them to have access to affordable similar institutions.

They are, however, well intentioned and altruistic. Observe how they mollycoddle those who ruthlessly murdered thousands of innocent Americans two Septembers ago. Witness the benefits they argue to bestow upon illegal aliens – they do not even refer to them as illegals, rather as undocumented citizens. Their concern for the less fortunate is unparalleled … and they champion redistribution of wealth to prove it.

They are for a level and fair playing field, where each individual has the opportunity to succeed according to their merits. To prove it, they cast aside the 14th Amendment and codified race preferences.

It is with their assistance that reparations are being forced forward. They give their tacit stamp of approval as ordinary Americans are victimized and vilified by demagogic blacks, as racists for the slightest perceived insult. They herald those guilty of adultery and dishonesty, while eviscerating men and women of principle and integrity.

Above all they put people ahead of personal responsibility. After all, it is the cigarette manufacturers’ fault that smokers get emphysema and lung cancer. The public service advertisements, the warnings on the cigarette packs and the plethora of health warnings are not meant to be understood as signals of danger.

In their minds, a person can hardly be held accountable for gluttony and a steady diet of all the wrong foods, despite the millions upon millions of dollars spent on promoting proper nutrition. Rather, it is the fast food industry and the makers of ice cream – they are the real culprits. To prove it, they initiate lawsuits aided by those who dwell in Dante’s Lower Hell; Circle VIII, Bolgia 5 (and are worthy of no less reward).

Had Sean Hannity offered said question to me, I would have said: “Mr. Hannity you proffer the wrong question. The question you should be asking is ‘In what ways, have the positions of the elite social liberals made America a better, safer place for all?'”

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