She may have been a neatnik in life, but the government thinks Moira Thoms has grown quite sloppy since her death.

Although she succumbed to cancer three years ago, the Leeds City Council in Britain mailed Thoms a letter demanding she clean up her gravesite at Lawnswood Cemetery. She has exactly 14 days to remove two vases containing single white roses, reports the BBC.

According to the strongly worded letter, the vases placed next to the memorial plaque constituted an “illegal memorial.”

“If they are not removed within this time we shall arrange for members of staff to remove them …” read the letter.

For Thoms’ family, the notice opened up a wound that has been slow to heal.

“When I got the letter I was numb because it was the shock of my life,” her husband told the BBC. “I had come to terms with my wife’s death but unfortunately this has brought everything back. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

Thoms contacted the council to inform them of his wife’s death and to fess up to leaving the vases and flowers at the cemetery.

Apparently, the Thoms family is not alone in its renewed grief. The newssite reports the council has received over 30 complaints from relatives after sending out 200 letters.

“Obviously the letter has caused great concern,” council spokesman Kevin Barker is quoted as saying. “I sincerely apologize for that.”

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