I am infuriated. I am livid with rage over the latest round of atrocities committed in Jerusalem and Baghdad. The most enraging fact is that both these outrages were predictable. The slaughter in Jerusalem could have been prevented. Most likely, the one in Baghdad could have been also.

The only consolation in this whole affair is that the two suicide bombers are in hell and have already faced the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as they entered. They now know that “Allah” is not the true god and Muhammad is not his prophet. I only wish they could come back to their people for just two minutes. They would end the myth of this bloody religion that has spawned so much hatred and death.

How many mangled bodies of children will have to be laid on President Bush’s desk before he understands the true nature of Islam? How long will it take his administration to comprehend that the “true Muslims” are the “fundamentalists”? They are the ones who most closely follow the Quran and the example of Mohammad. Will our leaders ever learn that we must insist that Muslims prove they are peaceful in view of their violent heritage and not vice versa?

Facing Palestinian myths

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas are playing the classic “bad cop / good cop” charade. Mahmoud Abbas pretends to be the new peace-seeking prime minister who needs concessions from Israel in order to strengthen his acceptance as leader with the Palestinian people. Yasser Arafat doesn’t have to pretend, he just acts naturally as the bad guy he is. The myth is that Abbas really wants to make peace, but he must win the people’s support by getting unreciprocated concessions from Israel.

Using this charade, Abbas has been able to get President Bush to force the Israelis to tear down many vital security checkpoints, to force the release from prison Palestinians who are associated with the terrorist organizations, to hand over control to a number of cities in the West Bank and Gaza and to allow dangerous movement within them.

Israel was forced to do this despite the fact that the Palestinians have done absolutely nothing that was required of them before the so called “roadmap to peace” process was even supposed to start.

Political Science 101

Even freshman political science students ought to be able to analyze the reasons for the disastrous “roadmap to peace” failures. The U.S. State Department is making catastrophic mistakes that are based on clearly wrong assumptions. They are not able to see through the “myths” that Palestinians keep spinning out.

First Myth: The “roadmap”was not supposed to begin implementation until a new qualified prime minister – who is not under Arafat’s control – was elected by the people.

Fact: Mahmoud Abbas has openly said that Arafat is ultimately in control of all negotiation decisions and that he has final authority. This should indicate to even a neophyte political student that the most basic, stated requirement for “the plan” is not there.

Second Myth: After Israel gave one unreciprocated concession after another, Abbas still claims after each new terrorist atrocity that he is unable to do anything about it because he doesn’t have the freedom or the resources to deal with it.

Fact: Abbas has over 20,000 armed and trained militiamen under his command. Hamas only has about 1,200 members. He knows where they are and can get to them easily. But he has not even tried to arrest one of them.

Reality: If Abbas is too weak to deal with the terrorists, then he is not a qualified “peace partner” for the “roadmap to peace.” If, as it appears is the case, he does not choose to arrest the terrorists and dismantle their organizations, then he certainly should not be negotiated with. If the majority of the Palestinian people are a threat to Abbas when he arrests the terrorists, then it proves they do not want peace. It proves they are only after as many concessions as they can get politically before a final armed assault to destroy Israel. In that case, what is there to negotiate?

Third Myth: Erecting a security fence and keeping Palestinians inside what they claim is “their territory” is against peace, and forces unbearable economic problems on them.

Fact: Palestinians have not built an economic infrastructure of their own and still have to work for the Israelis to survive.

Reality: The Palestinian people have been given more billions of dollars in aid than any other people in history. Arafat and his henchmen used much of it to arm the territory to the teeth with assault weapons, to teach them hatred toward the Israelis and to blame them for their miserable conditions. The rest has been stolen and put into their personal Swiss bank accounts.

Fourth Myth: Hamas remains committed to the ceasefire that was negotiated with Mahmoud Abbas, as Hamas leader Abdul Azziz Rantisi said on Tuesday afternoon.

Fact: A bus that was filled with women and children was deliberately targeted for destruction by a 29-year-old Palestinian schoolteacher who had a wife, two children of his own, and a nail studded bomb.

Reality: Responsibility for the destruction of 20 mostly women and children and the shredding of 100 more – 40 percent of them children – was claimed by Hamas.

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