It’s not every day a member of the United States Congress addresses an audience in a ballroom where every chair is covered with packets of sexual lubricants.

But that’s just the kind of audience Rep. Susan Davis, D-Calif., addressed last weekend at the North American Conference on Bisexuality at the Radisson Hotel in San Diego.

The conference featured workshops involving full male and female nudity, “sex toy” demonstrations, XXX porn video screenings, and advice on throwing sex parties.

Rep. Susan Davis, D-Calif, speaks at bisexuality confab.

Davis dismissed concerns of citizens who had called her offices earlier in the week protesting her presence at the conference, which had been previously reported by WND.

“A lot of those calls were coming from well outside the district, well outside the state of California,” she explained.

Against a backdrop of the pink, blue and lavender-striped bisexual flag, Davis and executive director Joan Garry of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation addressed an estimated 500 attendees.

During her speech, Garry cited negative media representations of bisexuals and detailed her organization’s efforts to fight “biphobia.” She railed against news organizations that provide coverage of people who have successfully left homosexuality, saying, “Let’s face it: Most people in our country are pretty hip to the fact that the American public is being deceived by anti-gay activists who claim to be ex-gay,” adding, “We’re fighting the ex-gay movement on their turf and their terms.”

Garry called the recent Supreme Court decision overturning sodomy laws “a landmark moment in our community’s civil-rights struggle,” and said, “The fundamental notion of equality is a very tough one for the anti-gay right to swallow. … I believe they are getting desperate, and in that desperation, the viciousness of their attacks will continue to escalate.”

In addition to Garry’s address, Friday’s opening plenary included speeches by Dr. Amanda Quayle of the San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center; Pat Washington, a former professor of women’s studies at San Diego State University and local NAACP chairwoman; and sexologist Carol Queen, 46, who advised audience members to hiss whenever they hear the term “opposite sex” and told the crowd, “I have at least 14 different sexual orientations.”

A reported 40 young people attended a one-and-a-half day “Bi Youth” pre-conference institute funded by a $4,000 grant from the San Diego Foundation. The Bi Youth institute was convened by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and Advocates for Youth, an organization that is under investigation by the Centers for Disease Control for suspected misuse of public funds.

Pamphlets from Advocates for Youth littered information tables at the event, including one titled “I Think I Might Be Bisexual, Now What Do I Do?” It included quotes from children as young as 14 and offered advice on “safe sex” methods and tips for meeting other bisexuals.

Friday afternoon’s workshops included “Bi Parents and Their Children,” co-presented by UCLA journalism teacher Michael Szymanski and Eve Diana. As his two young sons – whom his male partner conceived with his sister – romped in the back of the room, Szymanski related how his 7-year-old once asked him, “When are you going to marry my Mommy?” Diana showed photos of her long-haired little boy dressed in lavender overalls, a ballerina tutu, and fairy princess and purple Teletubby Halloween costumes.

Szymanski, who writes adult-video reviews under the pen name of Mickey Skee, later hosted a bisexual adult entertainment seminar where he showed XXX porn film clips, including “Night of the Living Bi Dolls,” which portrayed fake cannibalism, shooting and decapitation. Szymanski told participants, “There’s a growing trend of women who really like to see two guys going at it – and that may be arranged tonight.”

A workshop on “Hosting Sensual/Sexual Parties” instructed participants on how to hold sex orgies in hotel rooms and private homes. Said presenter Tom Limoncelli, “I think sex parties are a way to change the world.” Among the tips offered:

  • Designate separate spaces for kinky sex and socializing;

  • Place containers of condoms, gloves and dental dams around the room accompanied by waste baskets;
  • Decide on a particular fetish theme;
  • Determine whether to hold “sacred sexuality” and magic rituals;
  • Conduct a “safer sex” educational session before the party begins;
  • “Plant” people within the group to start sexual activities

On Saturday morning, David Longmire, a “Body Electric School-trained Sacred Intimate” from Seattle, demonstrated “erotic touch” on fully nude male and female models. Female model “Gabriela” disrobed before participants, then lay on a table while Longmire demonstrated his methods on her backside and frontal private parts.

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Allyson Smith is a freelance reporter based in San Diego.

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