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Judge Moore for governor?

What an ominous sight it was as workers detached and rolled away the now legendary Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building and into a private setting within the facility.

I was actually quite surprised the movers simply transferred the monument; I had assumed they would ship it away from the site altogether. Apparently, the easily offended plaintiffs who sued to have the monument removed will not be offended if it remains at the courthouse, as long as they can’t see it. (I earlier told Chief Justice Roy Moore – the man who brought the monument to the court – that I would be honored to have the monument prominently placed on the Liberty University campus until – hopefully – the U.S. Supreme Court eventually hears the case and rules in his favor. But I’m glad it is remaining there in Montgomery, for now.)

As you know, a federal judge ruled that the monument violates the hypothetical separation of church and state – the ominous phrase lifted from an obscure letter written by Thomas Jefferson that has been manipulated, exaggerated and embellished by those who wish to exterminate religious expression from the American public square. The U.S. Supreme Court then declined – quite timidly, I believe – to hear Chief Justice Moore’s appeal of that ruling.

As one might expect, the left is gloating over the fact the Commandments have been holed up out of sight.

Barry Lynn, the reverend-in-name-only leader of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State – one of the groups that brought suit against the Commandments – called the removal of the monument “a tremendous victory for the rule of law and respect for religious diversity.”

I actually wonder how diversity is advanced when we purge every vestige of religion from the public square. If we advance a wholly secular society, Mr. Lynn, how then are we promoting a religiously diverse culture?

Mr. Lynn added, “Roy Moore has shamelessly exploited the Ten Commandments as a platform for political grandstanding. That is a disgraceful misuse of a religious code that many people regard as sacred.”

What an absurd statement. I have had the privilege of meeting with and having several long-distance chats with Justice Moore over the past several days. I can wholeheartedly report that this is a man who is sincerely following his convictions in defending the Commandments as the bedrock of American jurisprudence. Roy Moore has been willing to be derided and mocked by leftist activists to demonstrate to the American people that there are forces at work in our nation that have taken aim at every trace of religious expression in the public square.

So what happens now?

I believe Chief Justice Moore – a hero in the state – will probably become the next governor or senator from Alabama. What’s more, you can virtually guarantee that the state will elect another conservative justice to head the Alabama Supreme Court.

In effect, it’s a political one-two punch in our favor. In essence, Barry Lynn and his pals could have secured the future of this state in a very positive way (for our side).

Most importantly, the Commandments hullabaloo has enlightened many Americans to the fact that there is a religious war in our nation. The only way to stem the success of Barry Lynn and his ilk is for people of faith to join with Chief Justice Roy Moore in saying, “Enough is enough.” We must battle the effort to purge God from our civic arena.

Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, agreed, saying, “While there is deep division over Moore’s strategy, it is increasingly clear that the public’s patience is wearing thin with our rogue courts. For decades now, unelected judges have gone unchallenged while they ripped out every vestige of faith from the public square and tore down every symbol of our most deeply held beliefs. Whether it’s prayer in public schools, banning the Ten Commandments and Pledge of Allegiance, or inventing ‘rights’ to partial-birth abortion and homosexual sodomy, unelected judges have shown incredible disdain for public opinion, majority rule and the laws written by our elected representatives. Our representative democracy is in danger of becoming a robed oligarchy.”

Nevertheless, this defeat in Montgomery can truly have a positive impact on the culture as millions of Americans become aware of the aggressive effort to purge God from the public square.

Don’t grow weary in well doing. Keep praying for America. Support candidates who uphold Judeo-Christian values. Remain socially and politically active. Attend church where the pastor boldly proclaims the Word of God. Let’s utilize this setback to turn back the tide against the purveyors of religious tyranny who want God eradicated from the public square.