There has been a recent rise in revisionist rants and sycophantic screeds promoting the pro-Palestinian pap normally associated with the lunatic left, Holocaust deniers (who claim to have no position on Israel but who promote literature which indicates otherwise) and radical Islamists. However, it is not these usual suspects who are responsible for this rise in rubbish, but rather a fringe faction of prominent libertarian pundits who, in thinking themselves wise, have proven themselves to be intellectual Pygmies.

While I will not dignify these Arab apologists by naming them – as they have been desperately seeking to draw attention to themselves lately – I think it is important to put the lie to their more outrageous claims so you can be fully informed if you should accidentally stumble across any of their various ravings.

The essence of the arguments advanced by these shrill hatemongers amounts to this: Big, bad Israel is picking on poor, innocent Palestinians. All these dear, misunderstood people want is to share their land with Israel and, in return, Israel – run by greedy, malicious Jews – is rewarding the Palestinians by bulldozing their houses, killing their leaders, shooting their children, etc. ad nauseam. Even worse, the United States is understood to be aiding and abetting these “criminals” in their theft of land stolen from the Palestinians and – by providing aid to Israel – is causing the Arab world to rise against America.

Gee, maybe we should abandon Israel based on this scenario. That’s certainly what this libertarian cadre would like. But there’s just a teensy, weensy little problem with such a response: The scenario they portray is a tissue of lies and gross distortions, riddled with ignorance and naivete.

Some perspective, please

For starters, let’s get some perspective. Take a look at this map. Muslims control literally all of the land in the Middle East … except tiny Israel. And, keep in mind, it isn’t just a lot of lifeless rock and sand they control – they hold vast, profitable oil fields, major seaports and places of enormous cultural and historical significance. Muslim nations contain massive amounts of land and treasure, yet for some odd reason, they are unable to find room for their “Palestinian” brothers.

Arafat’s publicity machine

Concerning the alleged theft of land, Yaffah daCosta has done an excellent job of summarizing and documenting the history of Israel’s re-emergence. In particular, she notes the following:

In 1948-49, there were two kinds of “refugees” created out of the war, Arab and Jewish, of about the same number (estimated at between 630,000 to 800,000 people). About an equal number of Jews were forced to leave Arab lands (due to Arab hatred) and those Jews were fully absorbed into the state of Israel at that time. But one seldom hears in today’s media about the “Jewish refugees” from Arab lands or any compensation due to them for being forced to leave their homes.

The Arab “refugees” were not forced to leave Israel by the Jewish people, they were told to do so by the Arab nations (who assumed the war with Israel would be quickly won and the people could go back to their homes). Many of those so-called “refugees” (they are really emigrants from Israel proper) were settled in initially squalid “refugee” camps (in some cases on the West Bank of Jordan) and kept in the poorest of conditions to provoke hatred for Israel and the hope of being allowed to go back to a land they had willingly left. So the Arab population of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are as much “settlers” as the Jews who live there now.

While there may be isolated cases of property-rights violations – as you will no doubt find in almost any nation – there is nothing credible to support a case for wholesale theft of land by Israel. Additionally, noted libertarian and WorldNetDaily columnist Ilana Mercer (who happens to oppose foreign aid to Israel or any U.S. intervention in the Middle East, including the war on Iraq) has herself lived in Israel and observes that:

Israel today protects the rights of the Arab minority living within her. Not one Arab-Israeli (OK, maybe one) would choose to live under the Palestinian Authority. Palestinians are, for the most part, legally without rights in other Arab countries. Why no libertarian word of this? Few Arab-Israelis would opt to go live in Lebanon where they have no rights.

It is this unbecoming double standard of attacking Israel unjustly, yet ignoring the very real atrocities of the Arabs which most damages the credibility of these libertarian pundits and those they de facto partner with in perpetuating such deception and ignorance.

But not only has there been no theft of land, there simply is no such group as the “Palestinian people.” WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah has documented this point extensively, starting with his highly acclaimed column, “Myths of the Middle East” and still further in “More myths of the Middle East.” Indeed, Farah points out the consummate Palestinian – Arafat himself – is an Egyptian.

Wow: No theft and no victim. Then why on earth are these mean-spirited Israelis bulldozing Palestinian homes? Well, what would you do if someone came into your neighborhood and started making a habit of blowing up your women and babies? Nothing justifies such atrocities. Nothing. And those who ignore or make excuses for these horrors should hang their heads in shame for their utter depravity.

Further driving this point home, Ilana Mercer notes in her commentary, “To be or not to be blown up“:

Contrary to what the various pop-analysts claim, these bombs aren’t a response to hopelessness. In the words of Howard Jacobson of the British Independent, “It is fanaticism of sympathy to grant the power of life and death to those who are dissatisfied, as though unhappiness were a sort of absolution that wiped out every other human obligation.

Even so, Israel’s response to the horror has been far more measured than anyone has a right to expect, yet they continue to be faulted for the limited actions they have taken. At the same time, Palestinian atrocities are papered over with insipid platitudes like “freedom fighters” and “guerrillas” fighting for their land.

In truth, the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and all of the many other such groups are cold-blooded terrorists who murder innocents in an effort to force Israel to acquiesce to their outrageous demands. When Israel fails to capitulate – or worse, retaliates – these so-called “freedom fighters” then feign victim status on the world stage in a bid for sympathy and financial support.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency dutifully responds by playing its longstanding role in perpetuating this charade by helping instill hate in Palestinian children, virtually ensuring a never-ending supply of eager terrorists and suicide bombers. Indeed, as Daniel Pipes has documented, the U.N.’s schizophrenic policies on the so-called Palestinian refugees are just as confused as these fringe libertarian pundits who are lapping up the vomitus produced by Arafat’s publicity machine and regurgitating it for the uninformed.

Mutual self-interest

As to the charge that America’s support for Israel is inciting the Muslim world to attack America, so what? Contrary to the inane blathering which constitutes libertarian thinking on this topic, it very clearly is in the United States’ best interest to build and maintain close ties with Israel – and to provide financial assistance to the Israelis. In this nasty “new world order” we are now flirting with, Israel is a vital strategic partner. Listen to President Reagan’s view on this from a speech given on May 13, 1988:

Our relationship with Israel is in our mutual self-interest. But a narrow calculation of interest is not the sole basis of the bond between our nations. At its heart is a moral obligation on our part to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect Israel.

So, they do need us, but we need them too.


With most of Europe now under socialist control and standing against America, Turkey under Muslim control, and the United Nations’ plans to govern the entire world moving into high gear, we need a faithful, proven friend like Israel more than ever. Even our friends in Great Britain are wavering in their support of the United States and falling headfirst for the siren song of socialism. Who else can we truly count on to always stand with us, especially in regard to the Middle East?

With the Democrats blocking development of our own oil reserves and preventing development of clean, efficient nuclear power, the U.N. and / or Muslim nations could cripple America in short order if they blocked our access to oil. (For this conduct alone, Democrats should forever be voted out of office and charged with treason in a court of law.)

No doubt this lunatic fringe of libertarian thinkers will argue this could never happen in America because, after all, who would Arabs sell their oil to if not the United States? One only need look at the events of 9-11 to ascertain that such people are anything but rational. The opportunity to bring America to its knees before Allah would be irresistible if it became available, however irrational it might seem to the Western mind steeped in the free market.

Such a concerted action against America could only be seen as a declaration of all-out war. But we would at least have a fighting chance as long as Israel exists. The United States, in supporting and defending the Jewish nation, provides for its own defense.

How so?

America will not have superior air power if it can’t fuel its own jets. It can’t advance troops on the ground if it can’t fuel its personnel and supply vehicles. If necessary, we can at least count on Israel’s consent to temporarily base U.S. military forces in Israel in order to prevent world oil supplies from falling into the hands of the socialist and Arab extremists who so desperately want to hurt America for the purpose of forcing us to acquiesce to their twisted agendas. And can there be any doubt that the United Nations and Arab extremists are willing to jump into bed with each other when anti-Semitic, terrorist-sponsoring nations like Syria and Pakistan are allowed a voice on the U.N. Security Council?

However, one suspects that at least some of this libertarian fringe would not be at all upset to see America’s military capabilities crippled. Then, we could no longer build our “empire” and become engaged in war, as they frequently rail against.

But even if you sympathize with such a limited perspective of America’s military, you must not forget the entire American economy would also cease to exist without oil, as things stand right now. Because of the Democrats’ current treachery, we would have little fuel to run cars, trucks, trains or power plants. Without power and fuel, nearly every business in America would cease to function. Without money coming in to businesses, there would be no work and no paychecks. There would be a run on banks the likes of which have never been seen before.

Without money, most Americans would have no way to feed themselves. Without fuel, many Americans would have no way to access food supplies, even if they did have money. With no power, water could not be pumped to U.S. households. Chaos, violence and looting would follow in such proportions as to make the Los Angeles rioting after the verdicts in the Rodney King case look tame by comparison. We would be sitting ducks, dying in our own pond.

Of course, it is a virtual certainty that martial law would quickly replace the Constitution in such a situation. And it would then be only a short matter of time before the U.N. would be in a position to force America to agree to whatever it wants. We would have little choice but to accede to their demands, and our spineless and socialist politicians would gladly embrace globalist salvation lest they face the wrath of the American people for their negligence, incompetence and treachery.

So, like it or not, for the near future at least, oil is truly necessary for our survival and hence very much in our national interest. We need to rectify this dependence quickly, but the reality of America’s addiction is beyond argument.

In light of this key role in which Israel helps guarantee U.S. security, it is small wonder why so many people foam at the mouth in hope of the Jewish nation’s destruction. But for libertarians to display such appalling myopia on this matter is inexcusable. (And they wonder why Americans are reluctant to vote them into office?) For if the day should ever arrive that Israel is destroyed by its enemies, the U.S. will surely and shortly thereafter meet its own demise.

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