I remember a rather bizarre question I was occasionally asked by classmates when I was in grammar school. Someone would find out I was of mixed race and offer: “If the blacks and the whites had a war, whose side would you be on?”

The apparent absurdity of this query obviously stems from the fact that it was typically asked by 6- to 10-year-olds, who normally have a tendency to look at these abstracts rather superficially. Still, there’s something about this recollection that brings to mind the current state of race politics.

There’s a war on right now – not just in Iraq, or on terrorism, but on the home front – for the hearts and minds of Americans. No longer is it a question of what’s good for America vs. what’s not so good for America – it’s a question of what might ensure America’s survival vs. what will most assuredly destroy this nation.

The far Left – which is a minority – is nevertheless a strategically placed and highly vocal minority whose influence is inordinately potent. That they espouse policies which weaken America is, to me, a given. With lines becoming more clearly drawn every day, it is becoming increasingly important for ethnic minorities to become enlightened as to the stakes involved in this war, how they are being manipulated and what is truly in their best interests.

There are some among minorities who regularly refer to the U.S. as a “racist state.” Others are of the opinion that while progress has been made, the possibility of some racist or separatist group or party gaining preeminence in America and reversing it all is a real possibility. Those of the first persuasion, I believe, are either delusional or are simply playing the game – making their gains through intimidation of the impressionable.

To those of the second persuasion, I would point out, as I have many, many times in conversation: Whites in America still outnumber all minority groups combined. If “Whitey” wanted to “get” us, we’d be “got.” Very few of us – of any race – are truly color blind, because we have not been raised to be so.

I get interesting e-mails from minorities in response to the articles in which I address race. Most are positive and insightful, and many are from supportive individuals, gratified and relieved they are not alone in their beliefs. A much smaller number are so vulgar and laced with threatening overtones that they would likely raise FBI scrutiny were they the words of white racists.

Apparently, some minority individuals presume people like me are wholly insensitive to – and ignorant of – issues regarding race. Based on the rhetoric I hear directed at us, we’ve obviously never suffered the effects of prejudice, never been subjected to name-calling, have somehow avoided bigotry in schools, the workplace and in housing, and certainly never, ever had to fight over race or flee for our lives from parties who sought to harm or even kill us because of our race. We grew up in an idyllic, color-blind enclave someplace, were nurtured perfectly and lovingly, attended the best prep schools and Ivy League universities, sailed triumphantly into the job market through the connections of our color-blind white pals, and have been living large ever since.

At best, we’re misguided and clueless, at worst, we’re Uncle Toms and sellouts because we do not hold the line of those self-appointed career activists who rail against the U.S. as a “racist nation,” as though blacks still had to fear being lynched in the streets, and who continue to support the same socialist programs that have not only failed for nearly half a century, but which have debased minorities to a degree unimaginable 50 years ago, and which would do an old Jim Crow supporter proud.

I personally hold that minority civil-rights activists in this country are pimps – they’ve sold their integrity for personal aggrandizement, and they’ve encouraged those whom they claim to represent to sell their collective “favors.” And for what? Mere subsistence and, most importantly, absolution from any form of personal responsibility – in perpetuity.

If someone of an ethnic minority is miserable, somehow it will always be the fault of some faceless racist in a suit who is not doing enough, or is actively trying to “keep him down.” I picture the slavemaster creeping into the slave quarters in the middle of the night and enticing the newly freed blacks to sign their freedom back over for a roof and three squares a day. Extrapolate this to the present and it appears that the former slaves gave in to this enticement.

Black people were once among the most socially conservative groups in America. This was due largely to the fact that most were devoutly religious. During the ’60s, riding on the wave of appreciation for Jack and Bobby Kennedy’s advocacy, the Democrat Party hijacked the civil-rights agenda and essentially “turned” prominent black clergymen – some through the rhetoric of brotherhood and others through the prospect of personal gain.

Since then, blacks have voted Democratic (despite the fact that Republicans spearheaded the Civil Rights Act of 1964) and have supported everything the party has proposed or brought to pass. More damaging, black pastors have allowed the secular agenda of the Left to thoroughly permeate their churches, and consequently, black culture. Think about that the next time you see a poor, unwed, pregnant teen-age black girl.

It is the professional minority civil-rights activist who is the faceless racist in a suit, actively trying to keep his people down. The same southern Democrats who supported segregation simply modified their modus operandi as civil-rights laws were passed and, now, under the umbrella of the Democrat Party, minorities are being sold into the slavery of socialism. Of course, we all are. But among minorities, the Left continues to promulgate petty issues, race hatred and class envy, deflecting concern from the real dangers we face. Honestly, where would the likes of Jesse Jackson be if the truth were widely known among blacks at large?

With regard to race politics, if you take anything away from reading this article, let it be this: For all practical purposes, there are no races anymore. In America, there are freedom fighters and there are those who would enslave all of us, regardless of race – and it’s time to choose a side.


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