Over coffee and Key-lime pie, I posed the following to a colleague: “Name 10 things Jesse Jackson has done to tangibly help the black people he claims to represent.”

Two hours later, the question remained unanswered. It remained unanswered because Jackson has done nothing of consequence for anyone but himself and members of his family.

Exactly how has his intrusion into the NFL helped blacks? How many qualified blacks are in coaching positions today because of Jackson? Did Dennis Greene or Tony Dungy get hired and succeed because of Jackson?

How many blacks can truthfully say they tangibly benefited from Jackson’s shakedown of Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Paine Weber?

Many in the media know the merger of Clear Channel Communications and AMFM, Inc. was threatened by Jackson with trumped-up accusations of racism … that is until they forked over 46 stations, worth $2 billion to minority owners – minority owners who just happened to comprise the support base for the non-profits that pay his bills and organize his travels. (See “Rainmaker Redux” by H.W. Jenkins Jr., Wall Street Journal, Jan. 24, 2001)

Noah Robinson, Jackson’s half brother, was the principle beneficiary of Jackson’s Coca-Cola shakedown. Jackson successfully strong-armed the Cola giant to award lucrative distributorships to minorities. The recipients were once again those associated with his non-profit supporters. I am certain that all of Robinson’s fellow inmates (it seems he was sentenced to life imprisonment for hiring gang members to kill three business associates) are especially appreciative of Jackson on those hot, humid days of summer. After all, time “goes better with Coke.”

How many blacks benefited from the hundreds of millions Texaco paid to settle a discrimination lawsuit even though a “smoking gun” tape proved there were no racial slurs voiced by company execs?

Jackson’s Wall Street Project takes in approximately $10 million yearly. How much of that goes to blacks outside of his narrow network?

How many of the jeering black faces Jackson uses as backdrop benefited from his 1997 shakedown of Viacom? Once Viacom agreed to pay $2 million with Jackson as the principle recipient, all opposition disappeared.

How much benefit was Jackson’s extortion of the SBC and Ameritech merger to blacks in the Watts section of Los Angeles, Harlem, Cincinnati or Chicago? We know Jackson’s Citizenship Education Fund was pledged $1 million by the named mergers. We also know that Jackson’s “gumba” Chester Davenport, with no prior telecommunications experience, made off with a cellular business as a result of the deal. As Don King would say: “Only in America.”

We cannot point to a black NASCAR team or driver, but we can point to a black con-man who made off with a quarter million NASCAR dollars under the guise of producing the same.

We can point to the financial wizardry (spelled t-h-i-e-v-e-r-y) of Terry McAuliffe vis a vis Global Crossings, and Hillary Clinton vis a vis the futures market, but even they pale in comparison to Jackson.

Jackson claims to have an annual salary of $1 – but his plush lifestyle includes limousines, three lavish homes, sweetheart stock deals, big private bank accounts, first-class travel, private schools and the best universities for his children. (“Shakedown” by K.R. Timmerman)

This may be viewed as an acceptable way for corporate America to assuage their collective consciences. It may also be acceptable to blacks who would rather blame “whitey” and be the master’s pets waiting for handouts, than to realize they can obtain (what today passes for) education at free schools, learn trades, open shops, go to the best colleges they are not qualified for on scholarship (even if they can’t run, jump or throw) at the expense of someone who is.

Even Jesse James and Al Capone gave away many times that which they kept of their stolen fruit. But Jackson funnels his ill-gotten gains through his Citizenship Education Fund to his wife and children who serve as board members, while paving the way for his mistress to obtain a lucrative consultant job. And let us not forget his sons’ – Yusef and Jonathan – lucrative Anheiser-Bush distributorship.

To all of the Jackson sycophants, I ask you the same question: Name 10 things that Jesse Jackson has done to tangibly help individual black Americans.

To the rest of America, I ask you: How much longer will you sit quietly by, fully cognizant that your country is being torn away from you by thieves and vandals? Just how long?

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