There was a lot going on this week – hot air on war taxes, more Arafat antics, legal theatrics by the ACLU and more. Naturally, I have a lot of comments, but not having the space to cover it all in depth, here are the short takes:

Rich Americans should pay for Iraq war, Democrat says: Sen. Joseph Biden from Delaware says that wealthy Americans should pay for the costs associated with the war in Iraq by giving up their tax break for a year, according to CNS News. “The choices are stark,” said the senator, “but the answer to me is absolutely clear how to pay for this.”

Well, the answer to me is absolutely clear: More class-warfare garbage from Senate liberals.

Arafat: I’ll dismantle Hamas when Israel agrees to dismantle IDF: Yasser Arafat is now saying that Israel should be required to dismantle the infrastructure of the Israel Defense Forces. “I know what military infrastructure is,” said Arafat, according to a report by Israel Insider. “Don’t forget, you are talking to an army general!”

It seems that the point that we have reached with the Israel and Palestinian issue is apathetic – at least for me. I, along with everyone else, get passionate and upset when you look at the current state of Israel. But I know this for certain: Nothing is going to happen with peaceful negotiations.

Bush: Newly restored Constitution, Declaration of Independence symbolize freedom’s power: The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights were unveiled this week – well, the original documents that have been through a long restoration process since 2001. At a ceremony on Wednesday, President Bush said, “America owns the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but the ideals they proclaim belong to all mankind.”

The president may be right about that, but it would be interesting if President Bush actually proclaimed these ideals in the policies he plans out. It might be even more interesting if the three branches of government adhered to these ideals.

ACLU files lawsuit against Barrow County for not removing Ten Commandments: With county officials flatly refusing to take down a parchment copy of the Ten Commandments in their courthouse, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit in federal court demanding it be removed, AP reported this week.

Along with liberal judicial activism and anti-American values organizations like the ACLU, the judicial branch of government has been effectively hijacked and is now being used to wipe away any Judeo-Christian symbols in America. It’s a sad sight.

Chirac wants power change ‘in months’: “The French president, Jacques Chirac, dealt a blow to the hope that agreement on Iraq could be reached at the U.N. next week when he said yesterday that he wanted to see a transfer of power there in ‘months, not years,'” reported the London Guardian Friday.

Personally, I find this very amusing. It’s ridiculous to think that France and Jacques Chirac has any say whatsoever in who will be in power in Iraq. They opposed the war, caused all kinds of grief for the United States and have obstructed our plans on the world stage.

Sorry, Jacques, no one really cares what you want in Iraq.

Davis concedes he had lost touch with voters: That’s a headline from the San Francisco Chronicle. However, I think the proper headline would be, “Davis has lost touch with reality.” In a speech this week, Gray Davis said, “My vision is to make the most diverse state on earth, and we have people from every planet on the earth in this state. We have the sons and daughters of every, of people from every planet, of every country on earth” (emphasis mine).

The paper said that his stumbling may have come from fatigue. In my opinion, I think he’s just lost it.

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