Despite denials from state transportation officials that Nevada allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, one immigration-reform group is sticking by its earlier assertion illegals can and have become licensed there using legal loopholes.

Last week, WorldNetDaily reported Nevada was among 15 states named by the Federation for American Immigration Reform as allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses.

Shortly after the story broke, officials from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles contacted WorldNetDaily and insisted the information was incorrect.

“Nevada has not, and will not, give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants,” said one state DMV official.

Also, according to official information posted on the state DMV’s website, state statutes for driver’s license applicants say they must be residents, are “required to provide proof” of identity and must present a Social Security number if they possess one.

But, says Dave Ray of FAIR, while Nevada “doesn’t put up a sign extolling the fact that it gives drivers licenses to illegal aliens, it has laws that make it possible, and probable, that illegal aliens can obtain a driver’s licenses.”

One document used by Mexican illegals as identification to obtain a driver’s license in some states is the matricula consular card, an inexpensive ID card issued by Mexican consulates in the U.S. Critics of the cards say they are regularly obtained by illegals residing in the United States to obtain legitimacy, though lawmakers are considering legislation to ban their use as formal identification. Nevada DMV officials told WorldNetDaily the state does not accept matricula consular cards, which contain a photo of the holder as well as an address.

Despite that, Ray said, “the current regulations do not require a valid Social Security number.”

“Some licenses are issued based on the receipt of a written statement from the applicant stating that they had applied for the card,” he said. “The DMV can accept any document it sees fit, and asks applicants ‘to give a SSN if one is issued,’ or ‘sign an affidavit if one has been applied for.’ Therefore, a SSN is only required if you have one.”

Also, Ray said, the state “accepts certain immigration and other documents that are notoriously and extensively counterfeited and fraudulently used without any verification by the state from the issuing government agencies.”

He explained that some immigration documents, like I-94 Forms, which are records of alien arrivals into and departures from the U.S., “has few, if any, security features and is easily altered and counterfeited.”

“Furthermore, the bearer of such a card can be an imposter because there is no photograph, fingerprint or other biometric identifier tying the bearer to the form,” Ray said.

“Nevada may believe that it has taken measures to prevent illegal aliens from getting a driver’s license,” Ray said. “However, it does not verify the Social Security number nor even require a Social Security number from applicants, and because it does not ascertain the validity and authenticity of other documents presented, illegal aliens can still obtain a drivers license in Nevada.”

Officials from other listed states have also denied they license illegals.

State Sen. “Skip” Brandt of Idaho, a Republican, told WorldNetDaily his state specifically blocked a bill in 2002 that would have allowed illegals to obtain driver’s licenses.

“Last year, there was an attempt to allow this,” he said. “However, we – the Senate Transportation Committee – did not let it out of committee.”

Nevertheless, Ray said FAIR stands by its assertions.

“It’s all about political cover and denial of responsibility,” he told WorldNetDaily. “With illegal immigration, sometimes it’s just easier for the elected officials to play ostrich than to own up to the consequences of the laws they pass. But when illegal aliens get driver’s licenses, real things happen to real Americans with real consequences.”

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