Following months of frustrated searches by hundreds of U.S. and British investigators for Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, some have turned up in Kuwait, according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyassah.

The pro-government daily reports Kuwaiti security forces foiled an attempted smuggling of $60 million worth of chemical weapons and biological warheads from Iraq to an unnamed European country.

Citing an unnamed security source, Al-Siyassah said the smugglers had been under surveillance since they arrived in Kuwait and were arrested “in due time.”

No details about the suspects, possible accomplices, where the weapons came from in Iraq and how they were acquired were disclosed.

The smuggled arms will be turned over to an FBI agent by Kuwaiti Interior Minister Sheik Nawwaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah, according to the paper. No time was given for the news conference where this handover is slated to take place.

The reported find of weapons of mass destruction comes on the eve of testimony by David Kay, the head of the CIA-led team of some 1,200 investigators, before House and Senate intelligence committees. Kay is due to offer an interim report on the status of their search for WMD in Iraq.

The Washington Post reports Kay is expected to float a working theory that the ousted Iraqi president was bluffing about possessing weapons of mass destruction to appear as more of a threat than he actually was.

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