A series of articles published by WorldNetDaily.com this week have proven, beyond a shadow of doubt, that Americans will soon have to endure more of the kind of statism normally reserved for despotic regimes in the Third World. That outrage will come in the form of a national ID card.

The crux of the articles is about granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, which – according to one immigration-reform group – is occurring in many more states than previously believed. Though driver’s licensing officials in some of those states vehemently deny illegals are beating their systems, several residents of these same states have contacted WND to say otherwise. In some instances, readers say they have actually witnessed the licensing of illegals.

Indeed, says the Federation for American Immigration Reform, some 15 states make it very easy for illegals to obtain driver’s licenses, though only one – California – has actually passed legislation making it legal for illegal aliens to apply for and receive driver’s licenses (though there is an effort under way there to have the law repealed).

So what, you may ask. What does it matter if illegal aliens get a driver’s license? After all, according to immigrant-rights groups and supporting politicians, illegals are here in the U.S. and are driving already. Licensing them may actually make roads safer because the illegal aliens will have to take and pass driver’s exams, buy auto insurance and so forth.

Several things are wrong with this “logic,” the least of which is whether or not illegals will buy auto insurance (most don’t now and experts say they won’t after they get a license, either).

First, there is a new federal law on the books that takes effect Jan. 1. Passed in the wake of the 2000 presidential recount circus/debacle, the “Help America Vote Act” sets national election standards, one of which is verifying the identity of voters to make sure they can legally participate in our country’s elections. One of the qualifying documents is – you guessed it – a driver’s license. Yet, if illegals are being given licenses – legally – what’s to stop them from voting? Federal Election Commission officials gave only weak assurances the proper “safeguards” were in place to prevent this, but anyone who is familiar with bureaucracy knows better.

That in and of itself is a major problem. Most illegals come from countries whose system of government is different – read less liberty-prone – than ours. Are Americans ready for more gun control? Warrantless searches and seizures? Fewer private-property rights? These same countries are much more socialist-minded as well; how much larger will the federal budget grow if illegals are allowed to vote themselves more benefits? Are Americans ready to pay the higher tax burdens that will be required to finance this new surge in largess?

Also, Americans who travel abroad say driver’s licenses, not passports or other documents, are increasingly being requested by foreign officials to verify identification. If illegal aliens possess a driver’s license, then there really is no way to find out that person’s legitimate country of origin. How much harder will that make it for U.S. and international authorities to track terrorists who were smuggled into California – or another state – long enough to apply for, and receive, a legitimate driver’s license?

“I just took a trip all across the Caribbean and South America and nobody wanted to see a passport … just my drivers license,” a friend told me. “Nobody in Martinique, Barbados or Aruba wanted to see jack. I only needed a driver’s license and ship credit card to get on or off.”

What’s the obvious answer? “Some statist at Homeland Security will come up with a national ID card,” my friend says. I think he’s right.

It’s not like the idea hasn’t already come up. Plans to use driver’s licenses as de facto national ID cards were first introduced during the Clinton administration. The idea resurfaced during the Bush administration following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The next logical step, of course, will be a national computerized database of the information contained on the de facto national ID cards, and … well, you get the picture.

All because political correctness has made our leaders more afraid of being mislabeled as racists than concerned about defending our nation’s sovereign borders. For their cowardice, we the people will have to sacrifice more of our Constitution.

In the end, Americans still won’t be safe. And illegal immigration will continue to flourish.

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