WASHINGTON — Despite suffering some memory loss from
a recent fall, retired GOP Sen. Jesse Helms still
plans to finish his much-anticipated memoir covering
his three controversial decades in office, a former
aide says.

Former Sen. Jesse Helms

His publisher, Random House, says it hasn’t set a
publication date for the book, however, and has no
working title. The delivery of the manuscript,
originally due last summer, has been delayed several
months as the 81-year-old Helms recovers.

The uncompromising conservative chairman of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee, known as “Senator No,”
underwent surgery two weeks ago to remove a blood clot
in his leg, says his former chief of staff Jimmy

This summer, Helms also was hospitalized after hitting
his head in a bad fall at his Raleigh, N.C., home,
Broughton says. Swelling and bleeding from the blow
caused some “short-term” memory loss.

“When he fell, he did have some bleeding on the brain,
but they were able to control it and didn’t need to go
in there and drain it,” Broughton told WorldNetDaily.
“But they’re watching it.”

“His short-term memory sometimes goes, here and
there,” he said. “But he’s at home now and doing OK.”

Broughton said the book has “been postponed a bit.”

A Random House spokesman told WorldNetDaily the New
York publishing giant is not expecting a manuscript
now until early next year.

“It’ll be closer to January,” said Random House
director of publicity Tom Perry.

“We don’t have a publication date yet,” he said.

Helms, a giant of the Senate, announced in 2001 he
would not seek a sixth term, citing his age. He
underwent open-heart surgery last year and now walks
with the help of a cane.

Elizabeth Dole now holds his North Carolina seat.

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